10 Step Checklist For Moving

Whether you are a list person or not, having a checklist for the sale, purchase and move into a new home is probably one checklist you need to have. There is so much to do and so many things that could slip through the cracks. Here is a brief list that can at least be a basic starting point for you to use.

10 Step Checklist For Moving60 days out

Sure thing or not, start your plans by calling a moving company and getting quotes. Do your homework before you hire someone and check them out thoroughly.

Start cleaning out and packing up your things. Even if you did this once when you listed your home, do it again. Throw out or donate anything you don’t want to move. This will give you an idea of what you have and values so you can insure expensive items during the move and also keep an inventory to be sure everything gets moved.

Take pictures of items as well so you have a record of the condition they were in before you moved them.

Set up a binder with folders. Keep your lists and receipts in it. They will all be in one place and also handy at tax time for your tax returns.

30 days out

Inspections at both homes are done, or scheduled and settlement has been set. Time to start being sure moving day is set and ready. Call the movers to verify date specifics and contract details.

Make arrangements to disconnect utilities at your current home and set them up for your new home.

Make sure that everything you don’t need to live for the next few weeks is packed.

Be sure you are marking boxes so you know what’s in them and where they should go.

Don’t pack valuables like jewelry! Keep a list of what is in each box and put it in your binder.

Go online to the U.S. Post Office and file a change of address. Make sure your important companies (banks, insurance doctors, etc.) have your new address and know when the address will change.

One week until settlement

Time to put it in full gear. Pack everything up, except bare necessities for the next week.

Gather keys and garage openers, alarm codes and such so you can turn them all over to the new owners.

On moving day

Grab a kit that includes toilet paper, snacks, bottled water, dishes, toiletries, towels, a few days’ worth of clothes. It’s possible that the movers could be delayed so you don’t want to be caught with nothing in your new home.

Clean for the last time, grab all the last little things and go to settlement!

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