3 Things You MUST Do Before You List Your Home For Sale

Selling your home means a lot of work. The “honey-do” lists seem endless. Some are must do, others are not. Here are three things that you MUST do before you list your home for sale. Unless you don’t want it to sell…

First, CLEAN!

Your home must look like it’s ready for the Queen of England to visit. Actually, better than that. The Queen of 3 Things You MUST Do Before You List Your Home For SaleEngland won’t be looking through your closets and cabinets, but buyers will. So what, exactly, does that entail? Let’s start with it so clean you could eat off the floors. You need to move furniture and appliances, clean them inside and out, as well as the walls and floors around and under them. Deep clean floors, carpets, walls, air duct covers, air intake covers, woodwork, windows… basically every inch of your home should be clean. Plus, it will not only look better, but smell better too.

Don’t forget to DECLUTTER

To get everything sparkling clean you need to move everything off or out. So while doing that pack up most of your personal items. Leave a few things so the place isn’t bare, but move out oversized furniture. Big furniture and clutter make rooms look smaller. Now is the time to do that yard sale or donation to your local Goodwill®. If you aren’t sure about what to leave in the home or not, ask your Realtor. Don’t forget to repaint or touch up areas that need it.

Next, price your home right

Over and under pricing your home is a bad idea. Over pricing it will mean that those who can afford your home won’t see it. Under pricing will make prospective buyers wonder what is wrong with the property Rely on your Realtor to help you come up with a price that the market will bear. Pricing it right means selling it faster.

Lastly, know where you will go from here

That’s called your exit plan, and be sure to have a plan for your plan too. So many things are up in the air when selling that timing can be tricky. Plan for all contingencies, then you won’t be thrown a curveball later down the line.

So, here are your MUSTS… now it’s time to go do them!

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