3 Ways to Let Your Renters Customize Without Breaking The Bank

One complaint that renters often have is they can’t personalize their space. As a landlord, your first worry is protecting your investment, so allowing a tenant to make changes to your property, changes that could adversely affect its value, isn’t on your to do list. However, there are a few things that you could let the tenant do that won’t kill your investment.


3 Ways to Let Your Renters Customize Without Breaking The BankOne way to let your renters customize is you could let them paint. Paint is something that is easily “undone” for the next tenant or for sale down the line.

Paint is also something that makes people feel at home. If you are uncomfortable with just saying “sure, go ahead”, then set some limits. It is your property and tell the tenant that you get the final say on paint colors. Also keep in mind that if the paint chosen is, well, questionable, you can use the security deposit to fix it down the line. Remind the tenant that using the security deposit could be a possibility. But paint is an easy fix in the end.

Plant flowers, etc.

One way to further let them personalize their space is to let them plant flowers, shrubs and other landscaping. Many people enjoy working in gardens, and for the most part landscaping or even hardscaping will improve the value of your property. Keep in mind any restrictions set by a homeowners association or the municipality, and let the tenant know those restrictions.

Beautiful flower gardens make people feel at home, relax them and make the neighbors happy as well! It’s another change that can be an easy fix down the line. You can also make any garden choices contingent on your approval so it is a good way to let your renters customize.

Installing pet door

If you have tenants that have pets, and you approved those pets, installing a dog or cat door might be something they want to do. It can be an easy install and easy fix later. Make this change contingent on a few things. First, security. If the property is in an area where easy access to the house is not a good idea, then nix it. Second, the change must be ok’d and it must be reversed upon move out, or you will do so with the security deposit.

Any of these 3 things are an easy fix in the end, you have the security deposit to fall back on, and they will keep your tenant happy. And a happy tenant stays and pays!

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