5 Cheap Updates You HAVE To Make When Selling Your Home

You are thinking about selling your home. Great, before you talk to a realtor walk around your home with a critical eye. Better yet, ask a friend to walk through it and make a list of things they see wrong (after promising not to get mad at them, of course!) Why? Because there are a few updates and easy fixes that you have to do to make your home saleable.

5 Cheap Updates You HAVE To Make When Selling Your HomeWhen we’re talking fixes, we’re talking easy things or cheap updates. Usually lists include things like fix old or mismatched switch plates and receptacle covers. If you find painted over receptacles or switches under the covers, replace them as well. If you aren’t electrically handy, hire an electrician to do it. Covers will cost a few dollars apiece. If you have to hire an electrician, it might be a few hundred.

Another cheap update: Paint. Paint rooms that are bright or odd colors. Paint rooms that haven’t been painted in years. Freshen up the look of your home and paint it a neutral color. You have to remember that even if they are painted your favorite colors, they may not be a prospective buyer’s favorite colors. Don’t forget to repaint woodwork and freshen up the ceiling paint as well. A few cans of paint, brushes and rollers, tape and drop cloths might cost you about $150.

If the carpet is beat up, replace it. Depending on the size of the room, or rooms, yes, this will run you a bit more. However, you don’t have to buy top of the line carpet. It just has to be new. Find a deal on installation at your local home improvement store. Or another idea is try carpet squares that snap together. Just be sure to get all of the tack strips and nails up. Cost can be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the size of the replacement.

Here are the easiest and cheapest updates: CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! Scrub your home from ceiling to floor. Move appliances and clean under and around them. Wash windows. That last one is important because the more light you let into the home, the bigger and cleaner it will appear. Under the same logic, replace light bulbs. Light bulbs and cleaning supplies will most likely be under $100.

When selling your home do all of this, then call your realtor, and be ready to sell.

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