5 Signs That You Should Not Rent To Them | Property Management Tips

Finding good tenants is important if you are a landlord, and there are unmistakable signs that you should not rent to someone. A good property management company knows these signs and would give you, the landlord, these tips.

Sign One: Is the potential tenant hesitant to fill out a rental application or do they want to take it home to complete? If they are balking at filling out an application it should make you wonder why. What are they hiding? If they want to take it home with them it should also make warning bells go off in your head. If they are serious about renting, they should want to fill out an application 5 Signs That You Should Not Rent To Them | Property Management Tipsimmediately. If you suspect it could be because of issues like reading difficulties or because of a disability, be sensitive to this, maybe offer help, but try and keep applications in house. Property management comes in handy in these situations.

Sign Two: How Many People Come to See the Apartment? The application should have the names of all the people who are going to be living there, so if they suddenly show up with more people than will be living there be wary. First, could they be casing the apartment complex or home for a later burglary? Could it be a sign that there will be people in and out of the apartment constantly? Ask why all of those people are there. How many people will actually be living in the apartment? Who is actually renting the apartment or home?

Sign Three: Multiple jobs and addresses. If a potential tenant has had a lot of jobs in the last two years, or has multiple jobs now beware. Why? Because if someone has had multiple jobs over a few years they may be a bad employee who may get into the house and then lose yet another job. If they have multiple jobs all at once would they be able to pay the rent if they lost one of them? As the landlord, these are things you should be aware of if you want to find good tenants.

Sign Four: Disinterest at the poor condition of the house or apartment. If they aren’t worried about when things would be fixed or didn’t care about the disrepair or cleanliness of the place it may mean they won’t keep it up either.

Sign Five: Are they offering you a lot of money up front to bypass your usual rental process? Huge red flag that needs no explanation!

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