5 Space Saving Tips For Your Kitchen

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if that heart is too small, saving space is necessary. Especially if you are trying to sell that home. Having a small kitchen is not an asset. Here’s how to save space and make your kitchen look less cluttered and larger.

Your cabinets

You know that prospective buyers are going to be looking in your cabinets. So how do they look?

If you keep your pots 5 Space Saving Tips For Your Kitchenin a cabinet, I’m sure it’s a jumble of pots and lids Stacking them doesn’t work because the handles get in the way and cause an awkward tilt. So try using hooks inside the cabinet. If you don’t want to use permanent ones, try those hooks that release by pulling a strip. Then you can stack the lids.

Vertical space

Use the vertical space in your kitchen so you can keep your counters clear. Hang things like ladles, frying pans and such from hooks, or mount a row of hooks in a handy space. This can also work for spices and knives. Your spice cupboard is probably a mess as well and this can free up that space for other items. Knives take up drawer space. For knives use a magnetic strip. For spices hang a rack on the wall.

Counter space is always at a premium

Keeping it clear when selling can be a challenge. Try using a mobile kitchen island. It’s basically a cart on wheels that can be pushed into the kitchen to provide extra counter space, but also can store your small appliances like your mixer, coffee maker and other counter space hogs. Once finished, it can be wheeled back out of the way. Under the sink is another messy spot that needs help. Usually it’s a mosh pit of cleaning supplies and other sundry items. One way to clean up the cleaning supplies is to hang the ones with a spray nozzle from a tension curtain rod.

Try a few of these tips out and see how fast your kitchen feels bigger!

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