5 Things to Look For In Your Executive Property Manager

If you own a luxury property, having any old property management company manage it is not a good idea. Choosing an executive property manager is a prudent choice, and there are things you should look for in one.

5 Things to Look For In Your Executive Property ManagerUsing an executive property management company for your luxury property is a smart choice. But don’t just choose any executive property manager; be sure to look for some key qualities.

First, choose one that has been in the marketplace a long time. More experience translates into quality companies with a solid list of people who are able and willing to rent. It also means that they will have a healthy number of properties being managed and good relationships with other businesses who can help in times of need: contractors, attorneys, photographers and marketing companies.

A reputable executive property manager will be very familiar with local pricing. Luxury properties rent for more than your typical home, an executive property manager will know what to look for and how to get you higher rents and better tenants. They are financially responsible. They also will be much more responsible in screening prospective tenants. These tenants will be financially able to afford the properties, and are generally more responsible with higher end properties because they are used to that level of living.

They should also be honest about what to fix, and make sure the property is maintained to the standards it deserves in order to protect your investment. Well maintained properties rent for longer; have shorter listing periods and consistent rental income.

Plus a good executive property manager should enjoy their job. He or she should enjoy working with his or her clients. He or she should also take his or her clients’ privacy very seriously. Executive clients expect a level of service and privacy, and a good executive property manager should provide both easily.

Making the choice to rent your luxury property is the easy part, finding the best executive property manager to help you should not be taken lightly. Pick the right one to ensure your best result.

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