5 Things You Have to do Before Listing Your Denver House for Sale

The Denver housing market is rebounding, but don’t sit back and think that this new seller’s market means you don’t have to prepare your home for sale. You do, and here are few things you should do.

First, you have to make a great first impression

5 Things You Have to do Before Listing Your Denver House for SaleThe first look your prospective buyers get is the outside of your home. How does it fare? Buyers decide in the first 30 seconds of seeing the home if this is the one they want to buy. Go give your yard a good, hard look. How does the lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers look? All of that needs sprucing up. What about your front walk, porch and front door? Does it look inviting or tired? Paint, fix up and freshen up the front of your home. Don’t forget the sides and back too!

Make sure your home is clean!

Next move inside. You home needs to be clean. As in immaculate. As in eat off the floors clean at all times. Prepare your home! Scrub sinks, showers, ovens, floors… everything. Have carpets cleaned which will also make the home smell better. As you clean, declutter and pack up extras. Anything you don’t need should be packed up and stored, including personal items like photos. You want prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the home, not see you and yours. Remove extra furniture so rooms look bigger. Clean out all closets and empty out everything that isn’t necessary. People want big closets and storage space. The more spacious they look, the better. Open curtains and shades to let natural light in. It makes rooms look cleaner and larger.


Prepare your home with fresh, neutral paint that makes rooms look cleaner and up to date. Any artwork you have up should match décor and also be the right scale for the room. Woodwork needs to be cleaned and/or repainted as well.

Staging tables

Be sure to do things like set the tables. Formal dining rooms should have formal place settings, casual should have casual settings. Have tasteful centerpieces or fresh flowers.


Lastly, if you have pets, minimize their presence as much as you can. Cat litter boxes should be out of sight, toys and beds should be as well. Pet smells need to be dealt with to make your home smell better.

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