A History of Brighton Colorado

Brighton, Colorado is a city not far from Denver. It had simple beginnings, and like other towns and cities in the area was founded along the rails.

Founded in the 1870’s

A History of Brighton  ColoradoThe town was founded in the 1870’s with the original name of Hughes Station, a name given it by a local railroad promoter who developed the town. It started as a stage depot, like many of the other small towns in the area along the route from Fort Bend to Fort Laramie. The promoter saw it as a stop along the Denver Pacific Railroad. The town was incorporated in 1887. Later, the town name changed to Brighton, after Brighton Beach, New York.

A small stop along the route

Hughes, later Brighton, began earlier, in the 1860’s as a post for fur traders as they expanded into the West. It was just a small stop along the route from one fort to another. A place to rest and re-provision. By 1881, D. F. Carmichael plotted out the original lots in the town, beginning it’s actual development. Carmichael was actually the one who renamed the town Brighton. Bright Beach, New York was where his wife was born and raised.


By 1889 the town has some manufacturing when a brickwork factory opened. That was followed by a canning factory which canned vegetables. By 1917 a sugar refinery joined the manufacturing ranks.

Today, Brighton is still about manufacturing, although now the manufacturers are two Vesta plants, a wind turbine blade factory and a nacelle plant. Brighton is also about good schools and a place to raise a family in a small town setting, but in proximity to the big city amenities that nearby Denver has to offer.

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