A History Of Denver, CO

The West has a rich and varied history. So, let’s look at the history of Denver, CO.

A History Of Denver, COThe Denver area was originally part of the Kansas Territory and wasn’t more than sparsely settled until the 1850’s. At that time Denver had its own gold rush, the first significant gold discovery in the Rocky Mountain region. News spread rapidly and by the spring of 1859, tens of thousands of gold seekers arrived in the Pike’s Peak area. In the following two years, about 100,000 gold seekers flocked to the region. In the summer of 1858 a settlement called Montana City was established on the banks of the South Platte River. This first settlement would eventually become Denver. In November 1858, General William Larimer, a land speculator from eastern Kansas, staked a claim on a large part of the area and eventually the name of the site was changed to “Denver City” after Kansas Territorial Governor James W. Denver.

On February 28, 1861, outgoing U.S. President James Buchanan signed an Act of Congress organizing the free Territory of Colorado. The same year that Colorado became a territory, the American Civil War broke out and Colorado was not spared. Most Denverites were from the North and their support for the Union drove many Southerners from town, including Denver’s first mayor John C. Moore. William Gilpin, Colorado’s first territorial governor, organized Colorado’s volunteer militia, and sent them south in February 1862 to fight Confederate Texans at the Battle of Glorieta Pass.

In 1862 the United States Congress passed the Pacific Railway Act and Coloradans. Unfortunately, the Union Pacific Railroad choose to go north through Cheyenne, Wyoming. As a result, local business leaders, partnered with East Coast investors to form a railroad company that would link Denver and the Colorado Territory with the national rail network. The company was incorporated on November 19, 1867 as the “Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company.”

Silver was also discovered in the area. With silver mining in Colorado booming much wealth came to the residents of Denver. By 1893, financial panic swept the nation, and the silver boom collapsed.

Its history started with gold and silver, but the people who came to the area proved to be the best part of Denver’s history, and present. That is why we say if you are interested in Denver property management or investing in property here, it is the place for you!

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