Bad Listing Photos – Why Some Realtors Are Missing the Boat

Bad listing photos are why some realtors are missing the boat and not selling the property. Have you ever seen a listing for a home where the picture was dark, or out of focus or just bad in any other way? Did you look at the property or skip to the next one? Skipped it if you’re like most people. Bad listing photos are one way to ensure that a listing goes unnoticed.

Bad Listing Photos - Why Some Realtors Are Missing the Boat If you are listing your home for sale or rent, please be sure that your realtor gets really good pictures of the home, inside and out. People today look online for homes long before they ever call or email a realtor to look at a property. Bad photos mean no one will come looking. Having good photos means that a listing will be viewed by 600% meaning that the National Association of Realtors, sites like Zillow, and Trulia often will turn up more results, if they can show the key features of a home before physically going there with a prospect.

So how can you do this? First, use a really good camera. Either an actual camera or a high pixel cell phone camera. Make sure the lighting is adequate, use natural lighting if you can, but don’t be afraid to turn on all the lights if needed to get the best shot. Also, take more than you think you need. That way there are many to choose from to put online. Overselling isn’t a problem, underselling is. Work with your realtor to be sure you get pictures of the amenities that will really sell your home. They know what is important in a sale and what isn’t. You may be really proud of the cute nursery mural, but that might not be the best picture to put up! In fact, take a picture of it, and then paint over it!

Listing photos can be the reason that some realtors are missing the boat on selling a property or, they could be the good reason the property sells. Make sure your realtor doesn’t use bad listing photos!

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