Colorado Home Prices – Are We At The Top?

Housing prices have been steadily rising in Colorado for some time. This is good news, but makes you wonder… are we at the top? Probably not.

Colorado housing market has rebounded

The housing market in Colorado has rebounded and is now doing better. The markets all over are still recovering and while many have heated up, they are hardly at the highs they were prior to Colorado Home Prices - Are We At The Top?the bubble burst. There is a good chance that housing prices will rise a bit more. The rise will be slower than before the burst, but they will keep going up some.

As a home buyer, what does that mean for you?

It means now is a good time to buy. Interest rates are still low and prices are still affordable for those upsizing, downsizing or first time home buyers. Given that rents are also high, and good rental units are becoming increasingly harder and harder to find, waiting any longer won’t save you a dime.

It’s a seller’s market

As a seller it means that if you need to sell now, you’ll get a great price. It’s definitely a seller’s market and you have the advantage. Bidding wars are not unheard of, getting asking price or above is also happening more and more. If you decide you want to wait, prices will get higher. Just keep in mind that once they get higher, home buyers will find it more difficult to buy, especially first time home buyers. Now is also a great time for you to sell.

The Colorado housing market has improved and will continue to do so. Why wait for later when the home you want is calling your name now?

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