Colorado Investment Property – Why You Need A FABULOUS Property Management Company!

If you are the owner of Colorado Investment Property, you KNOW the travails of going it alone. Why not consider hiring a FABULOUS property management company to make your life a little easier TODAY!

So here are our top reasons for hiring a Colorado property management company to take care of your investments:

Colorado Investment Property - Why You Need A FABULOUS Property Management Company!

  • Economies of scale – Because we work with over 40 properties, we can negotiate much more favorable pricing than if you are just working with one or two investment properties. We have a myriad of trades on speed dial including carpenters, plumbers, carpet cleaners, electricians and basically any other service personelle that you can imagine. Because we do volume business, when your water heater dies, the cost of that service will be less than if you try to contract with a plumber yourself.
  • Ironclad legal documents – Since we work with so many properties, we have ironclad leases that will stand up to Colorado’s eviction and legal systems.
  • Locally owned – In the past few years we have seen a glut of property management francises entering the market. These are people with (generally) no property management experience, heck with little or no real estate investing experience. We have been doing property management in Colorado for a very long time and have our own investment properties which have served us well over the years!
  • On time rents – Because it is our sole job, we are very punctual about collecting rents and getting those monies to our owners. Our accounting practices are second to none and in compliance with Colorado law.
  • Thinking about getting more investments – You know how you always thought Realtors kept the best investment deals to themselves? Well not necessarily, but because we are in the trenches every day, we often know of great investment properties that never hit the MLS or even Craigs List. Our investors get first crack at these “pocket listings”!
  • Finally, we LOVE our investors – Our business is built on investors and we are always astounded when we hear of other companies complaining or providing poor customer service. We offer round the clock emergency services and generous customer service hours during the week. Our owner, Tena D, is available for you to talk with if you have a question or concern (we don’t have to call the “home office” to get your problem resolved!)

If you are looking for a FABULOUS Colorado Investment Property Management Company, look no further and give us a call today! 303-489-9737

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