Colorado Landlords : Stop Working so Hard and Hire an Awesome Property Management Company

So you’ve bought an investment property in Colorado and you thought it would be a breeze. It’s not. So now what is a landlord to do? Hire an awesome property management company to do the heavy lifting for you, of course!

It Ain’t Easy

Colorado Landlords : Stop Working so Hard and Hire an Awesome Property Management CompanyBecoming a landlord sounded easy, but it hasn’t turned out that way. The middle of the night phone calls that the heat is out or the sink is stopped up; paying steep after hours rates to make repairs for tenants; having a tenant leave without paying rent or leaving behind a messy, damaged property; or having a bad tenant stay and deal with the hassle and expense of an eviction procedure. Not so easy after all. All of that can be minimized by hiring a property management company.

What Does a Property Management Company Do?

Why a property management company? It’s their job to manage, repair and maintain an owner’s property while keeping the hassle and expense to a minimum. The property manager is who your tenants can call in an emergency. A proactive property manager will also maintain systems in the property so that the emergency calls and the exorbitant repair bills that come with them rarely happen. The management company will collect the rent and evict any tenants that need to be forced out. They will also find new tenants once the old have gone.

Worth the Cost

Your goal in buying an investment property is to keep it rented so that the expenses are paid and you make money. A well maintained property keeps its value, and also keeps the tenant happy and paying rent. Hiring a property management company fulfills those goals without the hassles. The property management company will charge a fee to do these things for you. Find a reliable, bonded and insured company. Just keep in mind that the maintained value of the property and no issues with no rents coming in because of a vacant property make the value of the service worth the cost.

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