Colorado Real Estate Market- Sell Your Home Now and Move Up

In Colorado the real estate market is doing well and so you might want consider now a good time to sell your home now and move up.

Planning your real estate move is a smart thing to do. If you own a home in Colorado, you know that Colorado real estate is heating up and your home is worth more than just a few years ago. So, should you sell now and move up? The answer may very well be yes!

Colorado Real Estate Market- Sell Your Home Now and Move UpThe Colorado real estate market is HOT. Homes in the middle price range are selling fast and for top dollar. You can sell your home now without worrying about whether you will get stuck with two mortgages. So, if you’ve outgrown your current home or need to move into a new neighborhood or just want to move up, now is the time. It may take some finesse to time things just right, but a good realtor can help you.

A good strategy is to start with selling your home. Since the Colorado real estate market is moving fast, you will probably sell quickly. Talk to your realtor and take her advice on pricing, staging and making your home look its best. That way you get top dollar. Your realtor will also be able to give you an idea of how much time it will take to sell your home now, and get to settlement.

That will give you the amount of time you have to buy a new home. Since you will be dealing with a strong Colorado real estate market, take the time to talk with your bank or mortgage company about getting pre-qualified for your next mortgage. It’s a good strategy in buying because you go in with your financing in order. It makes you a good prospect for your next home.

You may have a little overlap, and that can be handled in one or both of your sales contracts. Depending on who is buying your home, you may be able to negotiate staying in the home a day or two past settlement. Take it as it comes and get your realtor to help. Now is a great time to move up, so prepare to enter the hot Colorado real estate market and sell your home now!

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