Colorado Real Estate – Swamp Coolers versus Air Conditioners

Air conditioner or swamp cooler? Most people are probably asking what the heck is a swamp cooler. In Colorado real estate they are not uncommon. They have some good points and bad, here is some information about them so you can decide if they will work for you.

Colorado Real Estate - Swamp Coolers versus Air ConditionersA “swamp cooler” is an evaporative cooling system typically used in the southwest US. They work best in drier climates. They stop cooling once outdoor humidity rises. A conventional air conditioning system removes humidity from the air, while a swamp cooler adds moisture to the air. It does this by using water to cool hot outdoor temperatures.

If you are looking to change your current system from one to the other, what should you consider? Is it feasible to convert existing swamp coolers to conventional air conditioning units, or should you simply upgrade or replace the current swamp coolers? There are definite advantages to both systems, but here is what you need to know about swamp coolers. Swamp coolers use up to 75% less electricity than a comparable air conditioning unit. Given the cost of electricity, this is not a small issue to consider. They also use outside air, not re-circulated air, so the air inside the unit is fresher, and are less expensive to maintain and repair.

Swamp coolers do use less electricity, but they use a lot of water. This can be a consideration during an extended drought. While they are less expensive to maintain, they need more frequent maintenance. They also require open windows, and can be a problem for those who suffer seasonal allergies or have security concerns.

Balancing the pros and cons with what is important to you will help you make a good decision. In a low humidity, safe and low allergen area, it would seem that a swamp cooler is the way to go to cool your home.

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