Colorado Real Estate – Why You Need a Realtor!

It is said that the Colorado real estate market is a seller’s market, so why bother with a realtor? You have a home to sell and are wondering “why don’t I just do it myself?”

Why? Because you still need a professional in your corner!

In the past, home values were very overvalued. The market has changed much in the last several years and prices have adjusted. The problem is that many homeowners’ ideas of value haven’t adjusted low enough. So, even if you adjusted your thinking from before the housing bubble burst, you still probably inflate the value. Yes, others have had some bidding war success which brought the value above asking. Are those homes in the same shape as yours? Possibly not and only a realtor can tell you whether your idea of the value of your home is too high.

Colorado Real Estate - Why You Need a Realtor!You look at your home every day and most days if it’s clean, you’re happy. Selling a home means that clean isn’t enough. It better be clean, but it needs to be less cluttered, less personalized and staged just so to get that best offer. Do you know how to do that? What you see as a treasured photo collage on your refrigerator is clutter in the eyes of a buyer. A Colorado real estate professional is in and out of the best and worst homes on the market day after day and they can give you the benefit of their expertise.

What about when you get that offer? Do you know how to handle it? What if it’s too low? Do you dismiss it out of hand? A realtor is a trained negotiator who is in your corner to answer those questions. They will know if the offer should be seriously considered, dismissed, or countered. They are there to get the contract and then keep the deal in place. A home isn’t sold until you sign the papers at the settlement table. That realtor is trained to handle all the steps and keep any missteps from derailing the deal even at the settlement table.

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