Denver Property Management – How to Handle Hoarders

Denver property management has learned how to help hoarders and save their property as well. If you’ve watched The Learning Channel (TLC)’s shows on hoarders, you have an idea of what a landlord is up against when renting a property to someone affected with this mental disorder.

In Denver, as in other areas of the US, this is a rising problem for property managers and landlords. It is compounded by the fact that the laws protect the hoarder and make it difficult for the property owner to take action.

Denver Property Management - How to Handle HoardersHoarding is a mental disability, or caused by an underlying mental condition. Because it is a disability, the hoarder is protected under the Fair Housing Act. It’s challenging for property owners who find themselves in a situation where their property is being damaged by someone else’s disability. Hoarding is a mental disability where the person affected holds onto things: collections, trash, pets or other items for various reasons.

Some hold onto them because of a catastrophic loss, others because they were severely deprived in childhood, still others because of another underlying mental disorder. Whatever the reason, getting a hoarder to part with their stuff is extremely hard and takes the intervention of family members under the care and supervision of a mental health professional.

From the standpoint of a landlord or property manager, it can be a sticky situation. Being sympathetic for too long can mean that your property is damaged beyond repair. Moving in too quickly or harshly can get you in legal trouble under the Fair Housing Act.

Your best bet is to contact legal counsel who can guide you through the situation, while also getting local social services into the situation. This can be a great way to get someone the help they need while salvaging your property. Eviction is an option, but should be a last resort.

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