Denver Relocation – 4 Myths Busted

If you are thinking about a Denver relocation you are probably all sorts of crazy things, some of which are true and some of which are not exactly right. Here are the top 4 Mythbusters to consider if you are moving to Denver!

Denver Is Full Of Farms

Metro Denver is a large area that is has been developed for quite a while. It has experienced urban sprawl and has a number of outlying Denver Relocation - 4 Myths Bustedsubdivisions (like Thornton, Westminster, Broomfield, Parker and Centennial. While there are pockets of farmland strangely still remaining in the city proper, generally Denver is an urban area with lots of amenities.

There Are Cowboys Everywhere

Except during the annual National Western Stock Show cowboys are few and far between in Denver. While dress is certainly more casual than in other big cities, cowboy boots are worn more for show and less for work.

You Will Get Sick Coming So High Up

While some people get altitude sickness when they come to the “Mile High City”, not everyone does and there are things that you can do to help stop from getting sick. First off you need to drink A LOT of water. Denver is actually considered to be an arid climate and if you are not properly hydrated you will feel the effects more strongly. Next, relax your first day here. There is a reason so many athletes train around here, it is harder to do things so you need to condition yourself to the altitude.

Lastly, according to Berkley Wellness if you experience acute mountain sickness (AMS) you should talk to your doctor about prescription acetazolamide (brand name Diamox and others).

We Are All A Bunch Of Pot Smokers

Yes, pot smoking was legalized in Colorado and it is okay to smoke it here. That said, for most of us, nothing much changed. There is not really a haze over the city and most people are just like you, going about your normal lives without lighting up every 5 seconds.

It is good to note that you are only allowed to carry pot in the state and that if you try to leave with it you could face all the normal fines or criminal charges you would in your home state.

All that being said, Denver is an amazing place to live. The Rocky Mountains sit majestically to the West and there are wonderful things to do here. If you are thinking about a Denver relocation, give Tena D a call today to find out more! 303-452-5853

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