Why I Won’t List Your House Until It Is Ready To Show

Knowing what makes a “show ready house” is super important when you are looking to sell your home. One common question Realtors hear all the time after the Why I Won't List Your House Until It Is Ready To Showlisting agreement is signed is, “when will my home go on the market?”

Seller’s ask, and should hear “I won’t list your home until it’s ready to show.” Only responsible Realtors give that answer. Those who just want a listing for whatever price will say “Right now!” Bad answer. Why? Read on.

When your home hits the market, the people that are most likely to be interested in seeing it will do so within the first week or so after the listing hits. If your home is a disaster, no one will buy. After those first few weeks, interest wanes and whether you fix it up or not, you’ve missed your peak time. Allowing you to list the home when it isn’t in tip top shape is doing you, the seller, a disservice.

Not having the home ready to show will also affect your asking price. A home in tip top shape can and should be listed for market price. A home that isn’t shouldn’t. This is because no one will seriously offer market price for a home that needs work or one that LOOKS like it needs work because it is cluttered and dirty.

Taking the time to get the home show ready is a smart thing to do. In show ready shape it looks clean, inviting, open and spacious. It shows the prospective buyer that this is a home that has been cared for and will be issue free. It will impress them with the time it will take to move in and start living instead of delaying a move to clean and repair a home. Getting it into that shape takes some time, but is well worth the effort.

A Realtor’s job isn’t to be a “yes man” to the seller. A Realtor is there to be the voice of reason and experience to help guide the seller to a profitable sale of the home. Just telling them what they want to hear isn’t giving them the service they are paying a commission to receive.

The History of Broomfield Colorado

As part of our Broomfield Real Estate series, today we are highlighting Broomfield, CO.

With a storied history spanning over 100 years, there is a lot to tell. The City and County of Broomfield is an amazing home for its residents and always has been.

Broomfield started as a farming community in the late 1800’s and actually came into existence in 1885 when Adolph Zang bought the The History of Broomfield Colorado land around 120th Avenue and Olde Wadsworth Boulevard. The train stop was called Zang’s Spur, which referred to the spur off of the main line. The railroad brought more people and wealth. Locally grown grain was loaded there for delivery to Zang Brewing Co. in Denver. Zang eventually acquired 4,000 acres of land for the Elmwood Stock Farm where he bred Percheron horses, and tended fruit orchards.

At the turn of the century, Broomfield was just a small town comprised of grain elevators, a general store, band and a few other businesses that were supported by local farmers. Eventually the Crescent Grange, formed in 1898, petitioned for a postal service and brought in other businesses. By the end of World War II the surrounding farm areas started to be developed into housing tracts. The city was planned, though, to keep growth manageable.

Other parts of its history include the Rocky Mountains, the Louisiana Purchase (Colorado was part of it), a gold and silver rush and native American tribes like the Apaches, Cheyenne and Arapaho.

For more on Broomfield history: http://www.broomfield.org/index.aspx?NID=1640

Today Broomfield is thriving community with a mix of real estate options, including amazing single family homes (which are the majority of the properties available) to condos and townhomes.

If you would like to learn more about Broomfield Co Real Estate, give me a call today! 303-452-5853

Broomfield Real Estate | Denver Colorado Suburb

Broomfield, Colorado is a Denver suburb that makes it easy to work in Denver but live outside the city. Broomfield was incorporated as a city in 1961, but had Broomfield Real Estate | Denver Colorado Suburb always had parts of its 33.6 square miles lying in 4 different counties. That’s confusing, so in the late 90’s they made state history by petitioning for an amendment to the state constitution to become its own county, called the City and County of Broomfield. Here are some other fun Broomfield facts.

People facts: the estimated population in 2008 was 53,807.(2008). The city and county spans nearly 33.6 square miles and it has an elevation of 5,344 feet which is more than a mile above sea level. There are plenty of things to do. During the summer Broomfield has an aquatic park, aptly named the Broomfield Bay Aquatic Park, which just opened a new Tot Pool and Spray-ground.

There is also a great rec center. The Paul Derda Recreation Center has plenty to do including several pools. One is designed especially for families and children of all ages. It has a zero depth entry, a butterfly slide designed especially for toddlers, an interactive water play structure called gadgets and gizmos, and 3 waterfalls that dump into the pool. There are slides and play structures for the kids, a body slide and an inner-tube slide with a surprise splash at the end. For those who just want to float the day away, the current channel allows you to relax on an inner-tube or work out by walking against the flow. There is also a 25-yard, three-lane lap pool available for lap swim, water aerobics, and playtime during busy hours.

Ok, so homes! The median sales price for a home in Broomfield this quarter was $331,777 which was an increase from the last quarter of 16.4% and 9.1% from this time last year. The average listing price was $456,218. And yes, there are all types of homes available from easy living condos to small and large single family homes. Contact a Realtor today to help find your little piece of Broomfield heaven!

Outlook Park Broomfield CO Real Estate

Another great neighborhood in Broomfield, Colorado is Outlook Park. If you want to live in a neighborhood with amazing views of beautiful mountains, Outlook Park is for you. It has some amazing real estate.

Outlook Park Broomfield CO Real EstateOutlook Park is in Broomfield CO. It is an established neighborhood with homes that come in different shapes and sizes. No cookie cutter homes here! They range from $350,000 to over $1 million. The views from the homes are breathtaking. Most homes all it takes is looking out your back windows and taking in the mountain views. The community is beautifully kept and landscaped. Homes are well cared for. There is even a great walking trail through the community!

Broomfield CO itself is a great community. Top technology companies call it home and that means that professionals abound. People love Broomfield for its short commute to Denver or Boulder for all sorts of jobs. But Broomfield itself is not just a suburb where people have to go to the big city to work. It has its own companies and shopping areas to provide local jobs as well.

Broomfield has amenities and activities to fit every lifestyle. If you love the outdoors, there is tons of open space. Wildlife is close by, and there are plenty of trails to hike. If you prefer the more manicured, Broomfield has three golf courses. Just want to sit and take in the beauty? Mountain views, blue skies, sunrises and sunsets that will bowl you over with their majesty are easily found. Remember, all this real estate is great for kids to run around in and explore.

If you prefer more indoor activities, there is something for you too. The 1st Bank Center has a year round schedule of concerts, circuses, rodeos, truck races, Ice Capades, conventions, trade shows and community events. And then there’s the shopping! FlatIron Crossing, Main Street at Flatiron and Flatiron Marketplace has shopping for every need and want. Beautifully maintained the retail district will appeal to every taste, from high end shopping to big box stores for everyday items. Don’t forget date nights, Flatiron also has lots of places for dinner and a movie!

Come see Outlook Park and find your next amazing home with a view.

Crystal Pines Real Estate Broomfield Colorado

If you are looking for your destination neighborhood, then Crystal Pines in Broomfield, Colorado is where you should be looking at real estate.

Crystal Pines Real Estate Broomfield ColoradoCrystal Pines is a community of custom homes with upscale and high end finishes, gorgeous landscaping and price tags from $750,000 to over $1,000,000. Crystal Pines is in Broomfield, Colorado. Broomfield is 10 minutes from Boulder and 20 minutes from Denver. It is a great community to live and work, and raise a family.

Broomfield is home to top technology companies. Professionals, whether in IT or other technology fields, love Broomfield for its short commute. Professionals from doctors, to lawyers to engineers and more love its proximity to Denver and Boulder.

Broomfield itself has a plethora of amenities that will please just about every personality. There are three golf courses and gorgeous community open spaces. Trails for hiking, running and all sorts of outdoor activities treat the senses to blue skies, sunrises and sunsets and stunning mountain views. All in all some gorgeous real estate.

Love shopping? Well, FlatIron Crossing, Main Street at Flatiron and Flatiron Marketplace are for you. The mall is beautifully landscaped and all three together create an amazing retail district with shopping for every taste, from high end shopping to big box stores for everyday items. Want to go to dinner and a movie? Flatiron is the place to go.

New to Broomfield is the fabulous 1st Bank Center, which hosts big concerts, circuses, rodeos, truck races, Ice Capades, conventions, trade shows and community events.

If you have a family or are going to start one, Broomfield is the place to be. There is plenty of recreation outside, as well as the Paul Derda Recreation Center. The recreation center has a climbing wall, indoor and outdoor play areas, an indoor aquatic park with slides and “Lazy River.” Don’t worry parents; there are spas too for your relaxation! Another plus: Broomfield schools are top notch.

Come find your destination home at Crystal Pines, then tell everyone “I have arrived!”