Kitchen Remodeling Projects That Make A Difference When Selling

Time to sell and your Realtor is telling you that your Kitchen Remodeling Projects That Make A Difference When Sellingkitchen needs some updating. Unfortunately, you don’t have $15,000 to $30,00 to do that. So what changes can you make that cost a little, but make a big difference in how your kitchen looks when selling.

Spruce up the cabinetry

Replacing your cabinets can cost thousands of dollars. Painting them and changing out the knobs and pulls is a lot less expensive. Depending on the size of your kitchen it could cost less than $100 or anywhere up to about $500. You’ll need sandpaper, a semi-gloss paint and new hardware. Even just swapping out the hardware can make dated cabinets look new or more modern or custom.


Does the backsplash behind your stove and sink look tired? Older tile backsplashes can make a kitchen look very dated. Replace it, or add one. The cost is a bit higher than repainting, but you can choose tile, glass, or even metal. Keep in mind that white or neutral tones will make the kitchen feel bigger and brighter.


Floors can make or break a kitchen, but completely replacing them is another huge expense. Consider painting them. Depending on the size of your kitchen painting or restaining floors typically costs between $400 and $650. Sometimes just a quick color change can make a huge difference in the feel of your kitchen. Use an enamel paint for durability.

Lighting always makes a difference

Change out the light fixtures. Inexpensive ones can be very low cost and the average cost is probably between $75 to $250. Try adding under cabinet lighting to give the kitchen a higher-end look and more light or if the fixtures are classic or newer, swap out bulbs for an instant update.

New counters are always a plus

Think butcher block or concrete for a lower cost but more modern feel. Try using reclaimed materials if you have a smaller space and want a higher end feel. You may be able to find smaller pieces of granite or marble that will fit, and being reclaimed will cost less. While working on the counters also consider a new sink. A good stainless steel sink will probably cost you about $300. If your sink is in great shape, try changing out the faucets. Also very inexpensive, but will make a big difference in look.

Broomfield Country Club Real Estate

Broomfield Country Club real estate is where you should be looking if you’re looking for the best of small town feeling when buying a home, but want “to die for” views.

Broomfield Country Club Real EstateIf you’re looking for a home in a wonderful neighborhood, and aren’t we all, you need to look at Country Estates in Broomfield. This amazing neighborhood has great schools, Boulder RE-2 and a small town feel, plus this time of year it’s the best place to go look at Christmas lights!

The community is a no covenant community. No obnoxious rules, just cooperation between neighbors. Restrictive covenants aren’t always a bad thing, but many developments take them to the extreme. If you own your home, you should have more say about what to do with it than your neighbors do! In this community, the spirit of cooperation is alive and well.

Let’s not forget the views from these great homes. Golf course views. Nothing better. Green, lush, calming. But there are also astonishing mountain views as well. Some of the best in Broomfield. Broomfield sits on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, so mountain views are the best around. Why not enjoy them from your home? These amazing views don’t mean you are miles and miles from anything or anyone. Country Estates has easy access to Boulder. That means great shopping, cultural events, jobs and city living is close by. Just not so close that your views are obstructed!

So what will it cost you to find a home with both golf course and mountain views? Anywhere between $350,000 to over a million. A home for just about everyone!
If you want the best of all worlds, views “to die for”, top notch schools, nearby city benefits and no covenants, Country Estates is where you should be looking. Call your realtor today!