Why is Rental Housing so Scarce in Denver?

So why is rental housing so scarce in Denver? If you’re looking for a rental property in the Denver area, you’ve probably figured out that they are few and far Why is Rental Housing so Scarce in Denver?between. Units go up for rent, and get rented out the same day, often with several different people looking. Rents are high which you would think would make the rental market slow down, but it hasn’t.

Denver, like elsewhere in the US, was hit hard by the housing down turn in 2008. There, as elsewhere, builders stopped building new homes and new apartment complexes. There was no more funding, not enough interest and they by and large cut their losses and stopped building. When things started turning around in late 2010 and into 2011, projects were still scarce, since old inventory was moving first. In Denver, prices for rentals never dropped precipitously as they did elsewhere. This is one reason why rental housing is so scarce in Denver.

Another reason why rentals are so hard to come by is purely economic. The recession caused a huge nationwide spike in home foreclosures. Those people had to live somewhere and lenders won’t write mortgages for a poor risk. That means those former homeowners had to rent. At the same time, many people who haven’t owned a home think twice about diving into home ownership. Younger people, just out of college or jumping from one job to another want flexibility, and owning a home means its takes longer to change locations, since you have to sell first.

With both situations hitting together, there are few rental units to be had. As the housing market has improved, some people who had foreclosures may find requirements relaxing, freeing up some rental units.

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Gate N’ Green Broomfield, Colorado

If you’re looking for a great 55+ community, Gate N’ Green may be just for you! Established but well kept, it’s a great community found at 13405 Main Street, Broomfield, Colorado.

Gate N’ Green is an established, popular community in Broomfield. It’s a community established for seniors 55 and up. The homes are ranch style, great for those who can’t or don’t want to deal with stairs. The community has many fabulous amenities, including an indoor pool and a clubhouse, for the active and social. There is also a local public golf course very nearby.

Gate N’ Green is also close to Boulder, CO where you can enjoy all the amenities of Boulder such as the fabulous shopping, concerts, Chautauqua, as well as alternative medicine, the new medical campus and easy access to C.U. Medical Center in Denver.

Gate N’ Green Broomfield, ColoradoThe Broomfield Recreational Center is only one mile away and caters to the 55+ community with many different classes and activities including aqua exercises, arthritis classes and a whole variety of senior focused activities and classes.

Built in the 1970’s and 1980’s the homes have been kept up, updated and run from $250,000 to $350,000. They are in great condition. You get the value for your dollar; not only in home value, but in everything the well established community has to offer. This includes living in a neighborhood where your neighbors are in the same place in life as you! That means lots of new friends with much in common.

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Colorado Real Estate Market- Sell Your Home Now and Move Up

In Colorado the real estate market is doing well and so you might want consider now a good time to sell your home now and move up.

Planning your real estate move is a smart thing to do. If you own a home in Colorado, you know that Colorado real estate is heating up and your home is worth more than just a few years ago. So, should you sell now and move up? The answer may very well be yes!

Colorado Real Estate Market- Sell Your Home Now and Move UpThe Colorado real estate market is HOT. Homes in the middle price range are selling fast and for top dollar. You can sell your home now without worrying about whether you will get stuck with two mortgages. So, if you’ve outgrown your current home or need to move into a new neighborhood or just want to move up, now is the time. It may take some finesse to time things just right, but a good realtor can help you.

A good strategy is to start with selling your home. Since the Colorado real estate market is moving fast, you will probably sell quickly. Talk to your realtor and take her advice on pricing, staging and making your home look its best. That way you get top dollar. Your realtor will also be able to give you an idea of how much time it will take to sell your home now, and get to settlement.

That will give you the amount of time you have to buy a new home. Since you will be dealing with a strong Colorado real estate market, take the time to talk with your bank or mortgage company about getting pre-qualified for your next mortgage. It’s a good strategy in buying because you go in with your financing in order. It makes you a good prospect for your next home.

You may have a little overlap, and that can be handled in one or both of your sales contracts. Depending on who is buying your home, you may be able to negotiate staying in the home a day or two past settlement. Take it as it comes and get your realtor to help. Now is a great time to move up, so prepare to enter the hot Colorado real estate market and sell your home now!

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Colorado Home Buyers – Should You Be Making Lowball Offers?

Colorado Home Buyers - Should You Be Making Lowball Offers?Colorado home buyers making low ball offers is probably not effective. The real estate market in Colorado has fewer houses for sale than there are buyers. Which means that Colorado’s housing market is a seller’s market. That means that sellers in Colorado can be a little pickier about the offers they accept and they will probably get asking price or very close to it. So does it make sense to make lowball offers when trying to buy real estate? Of course not.

If you are a home buyer looking for a good deal on a home, you probably started out looking at listings on the internet or driving around and looking at “for sale” signs, then called the realtor listed on the sign. From there you may have stuck with one of those realtors to help you find the right property for you.

If you found one or more “right properties” and your offers keep getting rejected, you need to ask yourself why. Is your realtor letting you make lowball offers? If he or she is, find another realtor. It is a mistake, as a buyer, to think that a seller will always counter higher. If you keep getting rejected outright, they obviously won’t, so continuing to follow advice to make the same mistake over and over is a bad idea.

As a home buyer you need to be educated. Know real estate values in the areas you are looking. Have a good idea of what is a fair asking price, and make your offers correspond. Go to the recording office and see what recent real estate sales have been, and then see what their asking price was. You’ll probably notice that there isn’t much difference between the two. Then find a realtor who has a grip and giving good advice and use them.

Looking at house after house after house is hard work. Stop losing out on the homes you find you want and start being taken seriously as a buyer. Make your next offer work and don’t make a lowball offer.

Colorado Real Estate – Why You Need a Realtor!

It is said that the Colorado real estate market is a seller’s market, so why bother with a realtor? You have a home to sell and are wondering “why don’t I just do it myself?”

Why? Because you still need a professional in your corner!

In the past, home values were very overvalued. The market has changed much in the last several years and prices have adjusted. The problem is that many homeowners’ ideas of value haven’t adjusted low enough. So, even if you adjusted your thinking from before the housing bubble burst, you still probably inflate the value. Yes, others have had some bidding war success which brought the value above asking. Are those homes in the same shape as yours? Possibly not and only a realtor can tell you whether your idea of the value of your home is too high.

Colorado Real Estate - Why You Need a Realtor!You look at your home every day and most days if it’s clean, you’re happy. Selling a home means that clean isn’t enough. It better be clean, but it needs to be less cluttered, less personalized and staged just so to get that best offer. Do you know how to do that? What you see as a treasured photo collage on your refrigerator is clutter in the eyes of a buyer. A Colorado real estate professional is in and out of the best and worst homes on the market day after day and they can give you the benefit of their expertise.

What about when you get that offer? Do you know how to handle it? What if it’s too low? Do you dismiss it out of hand? A realtor is a trained negotiator who is in your corner to answer those questions. They will know if the offer should be seriously considered, dismissed, or countered. They are there to get the contract and then keep the deal in place. A home isn’t sold until you sign the papers at the settlement table. That realtor is trained to handle all the steps and keep any missteps from derailing the deal even at the settlement table.

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