Rental Property Owners – Get Over Perfect

When you live in a home, your own home, you can have it as Rental Property Owners - Get Over Perfectperfect as you want it. From the décor to furnishings to landscaping to cleanliness, your home is yours. When your home becomes an income property and you have tenants, you need to get over perfect.

Do you have control?

When you have a rental property there are some things you can control. You can screen your prospective tenants. You can set certain types of rules. You can’t control the day to day lives and choices of your tenants. Here’s what we mean by that.

Parameters tenants must follow

Your tenants will have certain parameters they must follow. You can decide that you won’t allow pets in your property. Tenants must follow that rule. If you live in a community with a homeowner’s association your tenants must follow their rules about use of the property, what they can and can’t keep on it and so forth. You can limit the number of people who live there. These are big issues that you do have some control over.

What you can’t dictate to your tenants is what they do in your home

What is meant by this is you can’t dictate the amount or type of furniture used. You can’t dictate how they decorate. You can’t even dictate whether they paint, only that they have to repaint it back to how you left it. You can’t tell them how and when they can entertain. You can’t tell them how often they must clean and what shape they have to keep the property.

In short, unless they are destroying your property, hoarding or doing something illegal, how they decide to live is up to them. Your idea of perfect and their idea of perfect may be totally different and you cannot dictate these kinds of things as long as they are paying rent.

So get over perfect and allow your tenants quiet use and enjoyment of what is now their home.

Why You Need To Hire A High Touch Luxury Property Management Team

You have a luxury rental, now you need a luxury property management team. Don’t hire just any Joe Schmoe. Joe and his schmoes are more haphazard in response time, screening of prospective tenants and caring for your luxury property. Instead, hire a team that is high touch. Your tenants will demand no less.

So what is a high touch luxury property management team?

Why You Need To Hire A High Touch Luxury Property Management TeamIt’s an incredibly helpful, always on the ball property management team. But won’t a less expensive team be just as helpful?

It’s remotely possible but why take the chance? A luxury team with be there at your beck and call from day one. They will go to the ends of the earth to find you the best tenant for your luxury property.

What this means is they will screen all prospective tenants to be sure they are the quality tenant you expect. They will run the background and financial checks to be sure the tenant can afford and care for your property.

Once you have they have the tenant, a high touch property management team will make sure your property is in tip top shape before they move in. Then they will be there immediately if there are problems. They will also be there to check on the property, perform maintenance during and after the tenancy.

High touch means exceptional service. Isn’t exceptional service what you deserve?

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Renting Your Luxury Home In Denver – Keeping Up With The Joneses

You have a luxury home and you want to rent it out for top dollar. Well, the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” should be your very best friend if you want to get the rents you think the property deserves.

Renting Your Luxury Home In Denver - Keeping Up With The JonesesKeeping up with the Joneses – Everyone knows that means making sure your home and possessions are better than everyone you know. Having the best house on the block rules. Renting it does too. But what, exactly, does that entail?

Top of the line

To start with it means top of the line flooring: marble, hardwoods, travertine tile. Counters should be marble or granite in the kitchen and baths. Heated floors in the bathrooms, not just the master bath. Top of the line shower heads. The kitchen should have the best appliances: stove and range top, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, convection oven. The family room or entertainment room should have the best television, sound system and surround sound. The home systems, like hvac and security, top technology and connected to an app for ease of use.

The best of everything

The best furnishings should be in each room. Luxury renters expect fully furnished homes.
Outside areas should have the best landscaping. Entertaining areas with outside kitchen for grilling. If you have a pool and spa, make sure the decking is the best hardscape available and the pool and filter are in top condition. If you saw it on HGTV or DIY Network and it wasn’t “how to do it on a budget” think about it for your property.

In short, if your neighbor has something better, update yours. Your renters will expect only the best. Be sure to give it to them.

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Now’s the Time to Get Ready for Winter – Denver Property Management Tips

Denver Property Management TipsSchool has started and fall is in the air. The crisp air should be a sign to you that you need to get your investment properties ready for winter. It may not be cold yet, but there are a lot of things to be done to protect your investment from winter’s cold clutches.

Inside things

Inside, you should do a number of things. First, find, repair and clean your storm windows so they are clean when you install them when the weather turns colder. Caulk your windows and window trim. Look for cracks in the trim around the windows and siding of your house (outside) and around the wood trim and inside the window sill (inside).

Have someone come out to clean and service your furnace. Change out the filter in your furnace as well. A clean and well running furnace will save your money on your utility bills. A dirty or poorly maintained furnace can cause carbon monoxide. Definitely not something you want for your tenants! Once the cold weather starts switch the direction of ceiling fans. They should run clockwise in winter to push warm air down and counterclockwise in the summer to push down cool air.

Outside things

Outside you should check your decking for moisture and restain or reseal it. Touch up any exterior paint. This will prevent damage to your home by not allowing moisture through. Have your chimney cleaned and inspected. This is a big deal and a dirty chimney can cause fires or carbon monoxide problems.

Clean our gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters can cause water to freeze and back up into your roofing material. It’s called ice damming. Also have your driveway sealed and cracks fixed. Letting cracks get water, snow and ice in will make them larger. Lastly, winterize lawn equipment and get the snowblower ready!

If all of this sounds like a lot, then have a property management company like Denver Realty and Rentals help you out!

Denver Luxury Home Property Management – Why Hire A “Hands On” Rental Agent

You know having a property manager is a good idea, but should you hire a hands on rental agent? After all, can’t your property manager handle that too? In some cases, yes, but a good rental agent can be a great asset to getting your property or properties rented, while your property manager helps to keep them rented.

“Rental agent” and “property manager”

Denver Luxury Home Property Management - Why Hire A "Hands On" Rental AgentOften the terms “rental agent” and “property manager” are used interchangeably. Sometimes they are interchangeable. However, there are times they shouldn’t be, and you should hire a professional to handle just the leasing of your rental property, not the ongoing management. A rental agent provides specific services dealing with the rental of your property or properties. These can include market research to fix the pricing for the monthly rent; advertising the vacancy; showing the unit to tenants; and writing up the lease contract and getting it signed.

Find tenants

A rental agent might have more resources available to find tenants. They are dealing with people daily who are looking for someplace to live. They have marketing resources available for real estate and it’s their specialty. They understand the things that people are looking for when they are trying to find a new home, whether purchased or rented. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

Provide services

Property managers can also do the same things a rental agent does, but they are better suited to provide services like collecting rent; conducting periodic property inspections; taking care of maintenance and repair; managing the tenant relationship; handling monthly accounting and preparing year-end tax reports. (disclosure Denver Realty and Rentals is a full service Denver Property Management company)

It is possible that you will need both types of services from time-to-time. If you would like to find out more about Denver Rental Property Management services, give Tena D. a call today! (303) 452-5853