Can You Go Too Far With Depersonalizing Your Home For Sale

You’ve heard the advice before to “depersonalize” your home so people can imagine themselves in it, not see you in it.” But can you take it too far? The answer to that is yes, you sure can. People look for some personality in a home and if they don’t find it, they are often turned off.

Balance is needed

Can You Go Too Far With Depersonalizing Your Home For Sale Can You Go Too Far With Depersonalizing Your Home For SaleIt can be a tricky balance, you need to do some decluttering and depersonalizing, but not go too far. Homes that are completely devoid of any personal touches are cold and not inviting. That is hardly what you want to convey to buyers.

Your home should feel like a home, not an empty box. It should be warm, inviting and welcoming.

Okay to keep a couple family photos

One of the things that sellers are often told to do is to remove all family photos. Don’t. Keep a few. Remove some and replace with inviting artwork, but keep it feeling like a family home. Family photos add life and character. Charming pictures of your children sprinkled throughout the home is ok.

Making your home appear to be a place of happiness and contentment will go a long way to achieving that.

You don’t want an echo!

Removing too many things will make a home feel empty and less like a home. Yes, make your home look like it has more space, but don’t go so overboard that it looks and sounds like no one lives there.

Organization Tips For Your Kitchen..5 Ways To Keep Your Counters Show Ready

Your kitchen is one place that people looking at your home will want to see. Getting and keeping it organized is very important. If your kitchen looks cluttered it will appear too small, no matter how updated it may be. So here are some organization tips to keep your kitchen looking show ready.

Kitchen cabinets need to be organized and neat

Organization Tips For Your Kitchen..5 Ways To Keep Your Counters Show ReadyPeople WILL open and look inside your kitchen cabinets. So now is the time to empty each one and scrub them out and reorganize the contents. Stack plates neatly and by color or pattern. Get rid of odds and ends. Same with glasses, cups and mugs.

Overcrowded shelves of a lot of mugs and cups will make cabinets look too small. Pack up extras and keep your nicest in the cabinet. Don’t forget pantry items. Organize spices, baking staples and cans. Throw out old spices, donate canned food you won’t get to before moving and make your pantry cabinets look like there is a lot of space.


If you have a larger pantry or deeper cabinet, store small appliances away there. Is it a pain to get your toaster and coffee maker out and put it away each morning? Yes, but leaving them out on the counter means your counters look crowded.

Pots and pans can be tricky

If you have a pot rack, don’t put every pot out on it. Pack up the ones you don’t need and leave a few hanging. All of them out can look cluttered and be distracting to buyers. If you have a dedicated cabinet for pots and pans, either a lazy susan or pull out cabinet, make sure that handles don’t impede how they spin or slide.

Organize your kitchen drawers

Go through all your kitchen drawers and clean them out as well. Organize silverware and be sure that drawers with knives have a way to keep blades safe. If you have a nice knife block, use it, unless it makes your counters look cluttered. Instead of a cluttered utensil drawer, try using a crock to hold the utensils you use the most, freeing up drawer space for the less used items. The drawer will look more organized and the crock can be a decorative accent.

Don’t forget that ever present “junk drawer.”

Go through it and sort items into categories. Throw out old or odd items that you don’t need, like or know what it actually is (yes, we all have those things!) Then use an office supply organizer or silverware organizer to put things away in the drawer.

Colorado Home Prices – Are We At The Top?

Housing prices have been steadily rising in Colorado for some time. This is good news, but makes you wonder… are we at the top? Probably not.

Colorado housing market has rebounded

The housing market in Colorado has rebounded and is now doing better. The markets all over are still recovering and while many have heated up, they are hardly at the highs they were prior to Colorado Home Prices - Are We At The Top?the bubble burst. There is a good chance that housing prices will rise a bit more. The rise will be slower than before the burst, but they will keep going up some.

As a home buyer, what does that mean for you?

It means now is a good time to buy. Interest rates are still low and prices are still affordable for those upsizing, downsizing or first time home buyers. Given that rents are also high, and good rental units are becoming increasingly harder and harder to find, waiting any longer won’t save you a dime.

It’s a seller’s market

As a seller it means that if you need to sell now, you’ll get a great price. It’s definitely a seller’s market and you have the advantage. Bidding wars are not unheard of, getting asking price or above is also happening more and more. If you decide you want to wait, prices will get higher. Just keep in mind that once they get higher, home buyers will find it more difficult to buy, especially first time home buyers. Now is also a great time for you to sell.

The Colorado housing market has improved and will continue to do so. Why wait for later when the home you want is calling your name now?

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As a Real Estate Seller Should You be Offended by a Low Ball Offer?

You’ve been house hunting for the perfect piece of real estate. Your dream home keeps slipping through your fingers. Why? Low ball offers. You keep making them, your Realtor lets you, and sellers keep rejecting them. If you’re a seller, getting a lowball offer on your property can really be an insult, right? Maybe not. So whether giving or receiving a lowball offer, should it be a habit your Realtor allows?

What about your Realtor?

As a professional, a Realtor should be advising you, whether a buyer or seller, to do things that are in your best interest. They are there as a professional in YOUR corner. They should always act like a professional. So if you are selling your home, what should you do if you receive a lowball offer?

Low Ball Offers

First, keep in mind that your Realtor is ethically bound to bring every off that is made for your property to your attention. They can’t accept or reject an offer without your say so. So don’t get mad at As a Real Estate Seller Should You be Offended by a Low Ball Offer? them for bringing it to you. Next, think of a lowball offer as a starting point in negotiating a deal for your property. If your Realtor has any skills, they can negotiate it up to an acceptable level for you. So unless it is so low that it is ridiculous, don’t reject a low offer out of hand. Counter with one that is much closer to your asking price and see what happens.

Lowball offers can also be a sign that you might have overpriced your home, or that there may be items that if you fixed them, you’d get higher offers. Discuss this possibility with your Realtor as well, unless they already told you that, then take their advice and fix things!

Lowball offers can be a sign of a bad buyer, someone who isn’t working in good faith. Your realtor can be a good judge of whether this is the case or not.

Remember to take their professional advice, be competitive, do your homework and check list to sold prices on past sales. This will tell you if the offer is competitive or not. Mostly, rely on the professional Realtor you hired to help you.

Rent or Sell? What is Best in This Market?

Real estate markets are heating up and people are back to thinking of selling again. So, in a hot market should you rent or sell? Well, since you could only rent in a bad market, selling now in a hot one makes sense.

Rent or Sell? What is Best in This Market?Let’s look at the first selling benefit of a hot market: inventory shortages. That doesn’t sound beneficial, but for a seller it’s a huge one. An inventory shortage means there are less homes on the market. Those that are on the market will get more interest and more bidders. Bidding wars means higher sales prices. So if you were underwater on your mortgage, meaning you owed more than your home was worth, even now you might be able to turn the tables. In order to figure it out, you should consult with a Realtor to find out what the actual value of your home is now.

Another consideration: being a landlord is a lot of work. Upkeep on a home when you live in it can be put off. All homeowners know that unless it’s a serious fix, small or nuisance things can be put off. If you have tenants, that’s not the case. And if you make upgrades to the property, you won’t get the same value back as you would if you upgraded to sell.

Next, you need to go and live somewhere too. Can you afford to buy another home without the proceeds from the sale of your home? Especially in this real estate market? You’ll need a down payment. Sure the rent may pay the mortgage on your current home, but what happens if your tenant leaves? What if it takes months to find another one? Can you afford to pay TWO mortgages? Renting your home may seem like a good idea, but it can get you into some serious financial trouble.

Think hard before renting out your home. It may not be the best idea in a hot real estate market.