3 Places To Buy Investment Properties In Denver

Denver has lots of different neighborhoods and each has their own character. Whether downtown, in the towns surrounding or further out, each are great places for investment properties.

College areas

3 Places To Buy Investment Properties In DenverOne great place to look for an investment property is around colleges. Colleges offer a slew of opportunities for tenants. College students often look to off campus housing to make college more affordable. Not all are party animals who will destroy your property. In fact most landlords find that students tend to be better tenants than others.

While it may mean faster turnover, students may only stay a year or so, there is always another class of students coming to town. So purchasing a home, town home, condos or apartments, students will jump at the chance to live independently off campus.

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Nearby suburbs

Other places just outside of town can mean great properties for families. Think of the nearby suburbs that have great schools, close shopping and parents who will be working in Denver.

Of course, there are also the wonderful opportunities in the suburbs or just further out. Some great suburbs to check out are Westminster, Broomfield and Brighton in the North and Parker or Lakewood in the South.

Executive rental properties

Larger estate properties that will make fantastic executive rentals. The properties must be top notch and equipped with the latest and greatest updates, technology and amenities. Executives expect no less and will pay through the nose for it. Although you may have to invest more money into the property, you will definitely make it back in rental revenue.

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Denver has great places to make your mark as a real estate investor. Look at who you may want to have as a tenant then go find a great Realtor to help you find the property you need.

Great Space Saving Tips For Your Home Office

Great Space Saving Tips For Your Home OfficeWhether you are selling your home but need to keep your small home office up and running or you just want some great ideas to turn a small space in the home you just purchased to make a home office, space saving is very important.

Being able to close up and hide your workspace at the end of the work day is important as well. So here are some great space saving ideas for your office.

Start out with small furniture

Sounds like a no brainer, but if it’s a small space, large furniture won’t work. Choose a small desk, or build a small one in the space you have.

If you’re planning on making a small nook or closet into an “office” extending a shelf to make a desktop is a smart idea. Have the table top fold up or down, like a secretary, to hide your desk items out of sight. Do the same with the remaining shelves so your private papers are out of sight as well.

The key is to be able to close everything up and use the rest of the room for its usual purpose.

Closet office

If you use a closet, use the inside of the door to hang a shower organizer to hold things like pens, pencils, staplers, etc. to save desk space. Attach cork rounds that are used under plants to the inside of the door to use as a corkboard. Paint the inside walls with chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint to use the space for messages and notes, saving paper and clutter.

Use binder clips to hold and corral all your cables and charging cords. Slip the cord through the larger end of the wire “handle” and move it to the smaller round end. Then clip the binder clip to the edge of the desk. Hang magnetic strips on the wall or inside of the door to hold things like letter openers, scissors and paper clips. When you’re done at the end of the day, simply close the door!
Your prospective buyers will appreciate the use of the space and you, the seller will appreciate the fact that your room doesn’t look cluttered, small and without its proper purpose!

How To Organize Your Home To Sell

You’re selling your home and you know that it is as up to date as it needs to be. Your kitchen and baths are exactly what people are looking for and the rest of your home is spacious and open. But is it show ready? Could it use some organization? Time to organize your home to sell.

What do you need to do first?

How To Organize Your Home To SellFirst, declutter and remove most of your personal items from the home. Don’t sanitize it, but don’t make it look so homey that buyers can’t see themselves in it. Take down things like family photos and put artwork or things like landscape photos in their place. Pack up the rest to get ready to move. Oh and your kids’ school artwork doesn’t count!

Next, thin out your furniture

Make your spacious home feel even more spacious by removing furniture that takes up a lot of it. Don’t make buyers walk around your furniture. Rearrange the furniture so that each room has a purpose and a focal point. Make the most of that fireplace. Make each room look like what it is supposed to be. Toys go away or to an extra room set up for a playroom. Make that spare room without the closet into an office.

Kitchen and bathroom

Your fabulous kitchen and bathroom needs to be uncluttered and tidy. Baths should have all toiletries stashed away. If they are all out on the counter it makes buyers think there isn’t enough storage space. In the kitchen stow small appliances so the counters are clear for the same reason.

Don’t forget about the exterior of your home

Put away gardening items in the shed or garage (which also should be organized). Set up your patio or deck to show how awesome your outdoor entertaining space is. Make sure outdoor furniture is in good shape with new or new looking cushions. Clean up the decking and grill so they sparkle. When you know people are coming to see your home, set up place settings on the table. If it’s spring or summer set out some iced tea or lemonade and glasses for them to enjoy.

Make your great home look that way before trying to sell!

Denver Home Buyers – Setting Yourself Up Right With A Wish List

As a Denver home buyer, do you know what you want in a home? Think about some of these things. Have you ever browsed around in a store, not knowing what you wanted, but just looking around? How about grocery shopping without a list? Did you buy things you don’t need and regret buying them later? Did you feel like you just wasted all kinds of time? Why would home shopping be any different? It isn’t.

Think about what you want

Denver Home Buyers - Setting Yourself Up Right With A Wish ListSo you’ve decided to buy a home. Great! It isn’t just going to the store and looking around for a bit. Your home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Do you know what you want?

If you’ve owned a home before you probably know what you don’t want. If you’re a first time buyer you probably have a vague idea. You really need to make your wish list. But how can you do that if you don’t know what you want? Questions!

Questions to make your wish list

How much space do you need? Are you just a couple starting out or a family of 5 needing more space? Do you want your kids to have their own bedrooms? Do you often have guests? Do you need a home office? Just by starting with the number of bedrooms you can narrow a search.

If you are a couple starting out, do you need more than one full bathroom? Would a bath and powder room do? Are you planning a family or do you have children? Now would a master bath and main bath sound like a better idea? Ok so now you’ve narrowed your search even more.

Big kitchen or small? Do you cook a lot or just reheat? Does it matter if you have granite counters or will laminate do? Do you have to have a high end stove and convection oven because you love to try your hand at gourmet cooking or will a standard stove do? Do you entertain, or want a big area for relaxation, TV and family time? Is it more important to have that space outdoors?

Do you see how that works?

Your wish list now has bed and bath numbers, what amenities you want and an idea of space. Now your Realtor can find you homes that fit your wish list instead of wasting time looking at things you don’t want.

5 Space Saving Tips For Your Kitchen

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if that heart is too small, saving space is necessary. Especially if you are trying to sell that home. Having a small kitchen is not an asset. Here’s how to save space and make your kitchen look less cluttered and larger.

Your cabinets

You know that prospective buyers are going to be looking in your cabinets. So how do they look?

If you keep your pots 5 Space Saving Tips For Your Kitchenin a cabinet, I’m sure it’s a jumble of pots and lids Stacking them doesn’t work because the handles get in the way and cause an awkward tilt. So try using hooks inside the cabinet. If you don’t want to use permanent ones, try those hooks that release by pulling a strip. Then you can stack the lids.

Vertical space

Use the vertical space in your kitchen so you can keep your counters clear. Hang things like ladles, frying pans and such from hooks, or mount a row of hooks in a handy space. This can also work for spices and knives. Your spice cupboard is probably a mess as well and this can free up that space for other items. Knives take up drawer space. For knives use a magnetic strip. For spices hang a rack on the wall.

Counter space is always at a premium

Keeping it clear when selling can be a challenge. Try using a mobile kitchen island. It’s basically a cart on wheels that can be pushed into the kitchen to provide extra counter space, but also can store your small appliances like your mixer, coffee maker and other counter space hogs. Once finished, it can be wheeled back out of the way. Under the sink is another messy spot that needs help. Usually it’s a mosh pit of cleaning supplies and other sundry items. One way to clean up the cleaning supplies is to hang the ones with a spray nozzle from a tension curtain rod.

Try a few of these tips out and see how fast your kitchen feels bigger!