Buying In Denver – Why The Fall Is A Perfect Time To Buy a Home!

There is a thought in the general public that Fall is not a good time to buy a home. The common reasoning is that the kids are back to school, people are too busy with school activities, sports, holidays and such and don’t or won’t have time to house shop or don’t want to uproot kids in the beginning of the school year.

Well while that is true in some areas, for most of the country Fall is a fantastic time to buy and here’s why.

First, prices drop once summer is over

Buying In Denver - Why The Fall Is A Perfect Time To Buy a Home!Sellers who didn’t sell over the summer panic a bit and tend to lower prices in order to sell. They are worried that a slowdown in the market will mean they are stuck until next spring so they drop the price.

This gives you, the buyer, a bit more buying power than other times of the year. Plus, buying around or before the holidays is a great way to get yourself in the holiday spirit. Moving in and decorating a new home for the holidays is fun!

Tax break

Another reason is getting the fantastic tax break of home ownership this year instead of waiting until next year. You can deduct mortgage interest, mortgage insurance premiums and property taxes. Also any prepaid taxes and insurance premiums paid at closing can be deducted too.

If you’re worried about owing taxes this year or if you really don’t want to wait until the spring of 2018 for the refund, buying now, in the fall, is a smart decision.

So don’t “buy” into the common wisdom that you shouldn’t buy in the fall. Fall is a great time to buy a home. So call a Realtor and get house hunting now!

Should You Use A Realtor To Buy New Construction In Denver?

You have finally decided to buy a home and new construction in Denver is for you. So you don’t need a Realtor, right? Wrong. As in any home buying situation having a Realtor is important.

A Realtor is there for your best interests

You may be thinking that not having a Realtor when buying new construction will save you money. It won’t. As in any other buying situation, you generally don’t pay your buyer’s Should You Use A Realtor To Buy New Construction In Denver?agent, the seller does. New construction is no different. Trying to “save that money” can mean that you sacrifice having someone around that is there specifically for your best interest. A buyer’s agent is there for that purpose: to protect your interests in the purchase.

A Realtor will find the best fit for you

Have you decided which new construction you want to buy? Do you know where all the new construction is located? A Realtor sometimes has access to information about properties that are not available in the MLS. As with any other purchase of real estate, your Realtor can help you find the new construction that is the best fit for you.

Use a Realtor that is not working for the developer

Keep in mind that the developer will try and convince you that you don’t need a Realtor. After all, they don’t save money when you use one to buy one of their properties, they have to pay! If they have a Realtor working for them to sell the properties, problem solved, right? Wrong! That agent works for the developer not you. Your interests in the purchase are not represented.

So if you want to buy new construction in Denver hire a an amazing realtor like Tena D to help you…you won’t regret it! 303-452-5853