The Benefits of Buying an Older Home in an Established Neighborhood

Every home buyer goes through the decision process: do I The Benefits of Buying an Older Home in an Established Neighborhoodbuy a newly built home or an older home in an established neighborhood. Here are some reasons why buying an older home is a better idea.


Depending on the age of the home, its construction could be sturdier than new construction. If a home is decades or even hundreds of years old, it has withstood storms or worse. Many have cabinetry or woodwork that were hand made by craftsmen whose attention to detail was second to none. That charm and construction can be hard to find today. Old hardwood floors, higher ceilings and beautiful built ins.

Older home, larger lot

Want some yard between you and those neighbors? Buy an established home instead of a new one. Most older homes were built on larger lots because land was cheaper then. For instance a recent new home built in a new subdivision has larger homes, but are built on quarter acre lots. In comparison, another home less than a mile away in an older subdivision was built in 1972 and is smaller, but sits on a half acre lot. More yard. More trees and big ones too. That’s another plus, established and mature trees that provide shade and character.


Those neighbors? They may just have been around for generations. Or at least a generation. Homes are owned for 15, 20 years or more. Neighbors know each other and when a young couple or family move in, they can be another set of eyes for parents. Trusted neighbors trade keys to help a child locked out of the house after school, or a contact for school if the parents aren’t able to get there.

Established neighborhoods

Remember too that older, established neighborhoods are less likely to have changes in zoning which means that businesses can’t move in next door. You’re also more likely to find better schools, better cell reception, established internet lines and other things like natural gas connections and other perks.