Get Your Home Ready For Winter… The Fireplace Edition

Winter is here and if you have a fireplace or wood burning stove in your home it’s still not too late to get it ready for the rest of the winter.

Get Your Home Ready For Winter... The Fireplace EditionFireplace and chimney maintenance is incredibly important. So here are some things you should do to get your fireplace in the best condition for burning wood this winter.

At least once a year you should do a visual inspection of your home

This should include looking over the chimney. Look at the chimney and see if it is leaning. Does it have chips in the bricks or masonry joints? Are there cracks or holes visible? Is there any rust or corrosion on the metal parts, flashing or cap? If you see any of those kinds of issues, call a professional to make necessary repairs.

Your chimney cap

If your chimney cap is missing or in bad shape, replace it. A cap will keep out water, snow, ice and wildlife. Birds or small animals can nest in your chimney and cause clogs. They also can bring pests like fleas and ticks into your home via the chimney. A good cap with mesh will solve that problem.

Continue your inspection inside

Check from the attic down for leaks or staining in the ceilings or walls. This could mean that the flashing on the roof is faulty or that the flue liner is damaged. The last one is especially troubling since the flue liner is a safety feature that keeps excessive heat from setting walls on fire.

Call in a professional

Lastly, call in a professional to have the chimney cleaned. A good cleaning will remove built up creosote and remove any animal or bird nests. Creosote is an oily byproduct of burning wood. Once it builds up in the chimney the danger of it catching fire and causing a house fire are pretty high.

Getting your chimney cleaned once a year will prevent this build up. You can also help prevent creosote from building up as fast by burning oak or other hardwoods instead of pines.

Some types of wood are higher in the materials that become creosote than others. Pines are easier and faster to burn, but they cause a build-up of creosote much more quickly than a hardwood like oak. Also, when you burn a fire in the fireplace, you should burn them hot for most of the burn cycle.

Types of Fireplace Glass | Colorado Realtor Tips

Have a fireplace? Well, if it’s a gas fueled fireplace you know that you have to deal with fireplace glass. Fire glass is used to cover the gas burners and piping in modern fireplaces and fire pits, and it absorbs and radiates the warmth from the flames pretty effectively. Did you know there are two types? Do you know the differences between the two? Well, read on to find out more.

Fire glass is tempered glass

Fire glass is a tempered glass that comes in different sizes, colors, and shapes. It’s usually in the form of crystals or in rounded bead shapes. The colors also make the fireplace more beautiful. Types of Fireplace Glass| DifferencesDifferent colors and shaped fire glass can have a lot of aesthetically pleasing effects, such as colorful reflections. Fire glass comes in glass crystals, eco glass, fire beads, and zircon glass.

Crystal shaped glass

Crystal shaped glass that are glass pieces with flat edges and squared corners. They look like broken glass, but all the same size and shape. The flat edges reflect light better, and are used to create a sparkling effect.

Fire beads

Fire beads are just that, rounded, polished bead shaped pieces of glass. They don’t reflect the light but instead give a better depth of color.

Zircon glass

Zircon glass pieces are crystals that have an irregular shape. They are tumbled and feature pieces with rounded edges and corners. It gives the best of both crystals and fire beads.

Eco glass

Eco glass is made from post-industrial glass that have been melted, colored, and then formed into uniform sizes and shapes. Eco glass is the least expensive of all of the fire glass types, and it reuses old glass, making it environmentally sound.

Fire glass is a great way to make your home warmer, but more beautiful as well.