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Providing Executive Property Management services in the Denver and Ft. Collins Metro Areas, Denver Realty and Rentals is your best choice for superior property management service.

Denver Executive Property ManagementWe have worked in the property management field for many years, both on the side of the real estate team, as well as, the investor side so we know the ups and downs that you can encounter when searching for a GREAT Executive Property Management Company.

Executive Property Management Experience

While executive properties come in all shapes and sizes, generally the common factors are:

  • A higher purchase price point than some investment rentals
  • A higher rental cost with the need to screen tenants for financial ability to pay
  • A need for quality maintenance to protect the value of the property

We work with experienced trades people to keep your investment property maintained properly and at a fair and negotiated price.

We also have an extensive local presence among the people looking for high end, quality housing. Our homes are generally listed for less than 2.5 weeks before being rented. Some of the factors that go into that fast turnaround are:

  • We work only with well maintained properties and owners who value their investments and know that keeping it up is vital.
  • Economies of scale. At any time we could be managing anywhere between 35 and 100 properties depending on the season and what is going on in the market. We are able to negotiate lower rates with the trades due to the volume of the work that we are able to give them.
  • Also, we can do some things other property management companies can’t like have a lawyer on retainer, a marketing company promoting our business and properties and a professional photographer who comes out to photograph EVERY executive listing we put on the market!

Executive Property Management Services

When we list your executive property, here are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Assure that your property is listed for the best possible position in the market to assure top dollar for your rental
  • Oversee preparation of the listing providing cleaning services on an as needed basis
  • Extensively advertising your property to get the largest possible potential rental pool of candidates
  • Tenant reviews including background checks and financial reviews
  • Personally show the property to potential tenants
  • Protect your privacy by having all payments and calls made to the property management company
  • Strict adherence to all Federal Fair housing laws, protecting you and us from potential lawsuits or problems
  • 24 hour emergency phone support for you and your tenants
  • Increased occupancy due to full rent requirements and prompt eviction procedures when not followed

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Pick a GREAT Real Property Management Company

A great real property management company can make your life as an investmetn property owner much easier. If you are a real property owner with tenants, finding a good property management company is a true time saver. Finding a great company to take care of your property is incredibly important for the value of your property and your own peace of mind.

 Pick a GREAT Real Property Management CompanyEach company has differences in service, price and quality. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a real property management company.

A real property management company provides services to keep your building in good repair and maintain its interior and exterior. The property owner needs these services to be cost efficient and the management company should keep this in mind when making repairs. Maintaining the building systems: HVAC, plumbing, electrical and so forth, is another of their responsibilities. A well maintained property keeps its value. The property management company is also responsible to be the person to call when things go wrong. A top notch company will make the repairs immediately and keep the maintenance on a specific schedule for the maximum comfort and convenience of the tenants.

Denver Ft Collins Westminster Property Management CompaniesA great property management company is also responsible to maintain the relationship between the property owner and his or her tenant and to keep the relationship between tenants cordial as well, if the property has more than one unit.

Part of that responsibility lies in collecting rents and performing maintenance and repairs in a timely manner. But it also means that they are the ones to be sure that other items not repair oriented, like noise complaints, parking complaints and so forth, are being fairly and respectfully arbitrated. This job can be made easier at the beginning when they screen new tenants. Background checks should be done as well as credit checks.

A great real property management company will be sure to fill vacancies with quality tenants. A property owner should find a good real property management company to manage their property. It’s a time and stress saver.

Owning Fort Collins or Denver Investment Property DOESN’T Have to be all Toilets and Late Night Calls

Owning Fort Collins or Denver investment property is a good thing. Taking care of it can be a nightmare if you don’t have a property manager. Maintenance and repair is the key to keeping a property a good investment.

Owning Fort Collins or Denver Investment Property does not Have to be all Toilets and Late Night CallsWith more and more people renting these days, owning investment property seems like a good idea, until you envision the maintenance and upkeep that a tenant will demand. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and hiring a property manager can keep you sane as a landlord.

A property manager’s main job is to manage, repair and maintain the property, and to keep the maintenance and repair costs to a minimum. All of those things are important to a landlord. A well maintained property keeps its value, and also keeps the tenant happy and paying rent. Getting those calls in the middle of the night to fix something doesn’t keep a landlord happy, though.

The property manager is who your tenants can call instead. Even better, a good property manager will do the maintenance that will keep those midnight calls from coming in because things are less likely to break. This is especially important if your investment property is in another state. How hard would it be for you to get to your property in an emergency? If you are hours away by car or need to take a plane to get there, getting something fixed in a hurry could be difficult.

Having a property manager there solves the problem. A management company will charge a fee to do these things. Keep in mind that you should hire a company who provides the best value for that fee, and that you can most likely deduct those fees as a business expense against the rental. Check with your accountant or tax professional to be sure. Bottom line, the maintained value of the property and continued rental due to the efforts of the management company to collect the rent, and to keep the property rented, is worth the cost of the of the service. Hiring a property manager will keep the investment in your investment property.

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