Why Negotiating Is Such A Key Skill In Real Estate Sales

In real estate sales having good negotiation skills is an important Why Negotiating Is Such A Key Skill In Real Estate Salespart of salesmanship. Once you have the sale completed, the negotiations with the buyer or seller, depending on who you represent, start. If you can’t successfully negotiate a contract that each side can agree with, your sale will disappear.

You don’t have to be a natural negotiator. It is a skill that you can learn and master.

Here are some tips

As a buyer’s agent, you are the one making the first offer. One of the strongest maneuvers when negotiating is to be silent after making your offer. It’s not an easy skill, especially when your clients are probably telling you to keep making new concessions to secure the deal. Being silent will make the other side uncomfortable, which is what you want. So one of the best skills you can have is to keep your mouth shut.

It may just get your client a better counter offer

Negotiating also means getting information, the more, the better. It’s not always just about money. A good example of this is in a home sale. Two people are bidding on the same house. One buyer assumes that the seller would take the highest bid and offers full asking price, but that buyer needs 90 days to settle. The other buyer has his agent ask why the seller is selling. He finds out that the seller has been transferred to another state and has to move quickly. This seller makes an offer under asking price but makes it a cash offer that will settle in 21 days.

Learn more

There is a lot more to negotiating, and getting in touch with a business coach or trainer can help you learn more. As a buyer or seller just knowing that your Realtor is a good negotiator should give you the peace of mind to know that you will end up with the best outcome they can get for you.

Home Seller Tips – Picking Your Neighbors

Home seller tips for picking your neighbors- what a fun idea! It can really help your community grow and be great for everyone who lives there. So, are you selling your home in a great community? Help your neighbors with picking their new neighbors! Here are some great tips to help them do just that.

Home Seller Tips - Picking Your NeighborsIf you’ve lived in your community for a long time, you know how important it is to have good neighbors. So now that you’re moving from it, show your friends and neighbors that you care enough to be sure that their next new neighbor will be a good fit. How? By helping to promote your community, and by getting your friends and neighbors to help promote your listing to people they know.

Truthfully, any Realtor will tell you that some of their best home selling tips for selling homes are all about networking and getting the word out about great listings. Getting your neighbors in on the act of picking your neighbors makes sense. They have a vested interest in who buys your home. They will have to live next door to or across the street from them for years. If you’ve ever had a really bad neighbor, you know how stressful it is for everyone around them. So, by networking with the others neighbors on the block, having them do things like send or give postcards about your property to people they know are looking, or placing flyers on doors of others in the neighborhood can be a great way to get the word out.

Another of any Realtors great home seller tips involves promoting your community. You and your neighbors talking up all the great features of your community such as the schools, shopping and recreation areas will definitely help bring in good prospects for your home.

Think about it this way, with all that chatter about your listing, finding a great buyer will happen in no time.

Real Estate Sales – How to Stage Your Home to Sell!

In real estate sales, knowing how to sell your home is paramount. Any Realtor worth her salt is going to tell you to stage your home. Staging your home to sell isn’t optional, it’s necessary to sell it. If all you want to do is list it, don’t bother making any effort. If you want to sell, your home should be clean, decluttered and depersonalized… in other words, staged!

Cleaning your home and decluttering it can be done at the same time. In fact, decluttering will probably show you areas of your home that need a good scrubbing or fixing. The cleaning should be a deep, floor to ceiling and everything in between cleaning. Under furniture, in closets, behind doors. Buyers look everywhere. Steam clean carpets, wax and buff hard woods and make every surface gleam so bright, Mr. Clean will need sunglasses!

Real Estate Sales - How to Stage Your Home to Sell!Walk though the house and look for chipped paint, nail holes and other defects that make rooms look shabby. Fix them with some spackle and touch up the paint. If the paint doesn’t match, repaint. This is especially true if your walls are dark or bright colors. Neutral is better. Re-glue any peeling wallpaper. Make sure cupboards open and shut, that their doors are level and match and that no faucets are dripping.

Go from room to room and declutter, declutter, declutter. Pull down and put away personal items. Put essential and keepsake items in storage and donate the rest. Thin out the amount of furniture so your rooms look spacious. You’re going to move anyway, so start the packing process early.

Leave only what you will need to live for the 30 or so days that it should take to sell your home. That means those family photos come down. If they were on walls, find a nice non-descript painting or wall hanging to take it’s place, but remember, less is more. Bedrooms and baths should get new linens. Find bedding that looks modern and minimal. In real estate sales the aim is to make your home someone else’s, so make it easy for them to picture THEIR things in it, not yours.

Don’t list it, sell it and to do it, stage it!

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