Three Must Dos Before You Sell Your Home

You want to sell your home but the things to do before listing seem daunting. So what are the three most important things that you should do?

Do a walk through

The very first thing you should do is walk through your home as if you were looking at it to buy. Use a critical eye and see what needs Three Must Dos Before You Sell Your Hometo be updated, fixed and decluttered. If your home isn’t spacious and inviting then figure out why. If there is too much stuff, pack it up or throw it away. If there is too much furniture or the furniture is too big for the space then move some out or replace it with new. Put the old stuff in storage, sell it or donate it. Make any fixes that are necessary. Repaint, update and spruce up the space.

Decide on the price

Next, decide on the number that you think is fair for your home. You aren’t going to be objective about it, but if you do some research into recent sales in the neighborhood you’ll get an idea of what to start with when discussing it with your Realtor. Sites like Trulia and Zillow can give you an idea of what comparable homes in your area are going for and what the market is like. Just keep in mind that asking prices are not always selling prices.

Choose the right real estate agent

Lastly, choose the right real estate agent. Do your homework there as well. Ask friends and neighbors for referrals. Then take the time to interview prospective agents. Be sure to ask them about what services they provide, how often they will show your home, what their listing/sales average is and if they are a Realtor. Realtors follow a stricter set of ethics and have MLS access.

Then be sure to take their advice and your house will be sold and next home inhabited.