5 Smelly House Problems and How To Fix Them

Have you ever seen the TV commercial about an air freshener that goes like this “you think your car [room, etc.] smells like this, but your friends smell this” and change it to a smelly mess?

5 Smelly House Problems and How To Fix ThemWell, you may be inured to the smells in your home, but people coming to look at it to possibly buy it aren’t. Smoke, cooking smells, pet smells and others are all very obvious to others. You’ll need to fix them if you expect to sell your home. Here are some ideas for the smelliest of the bunch.


If you smoke, or have a smoker in your home, you know how it gets on everything. Even if you or they don’t smoke in the house, just the transfer from their hair and clothing sticks. Air fresheners aren’t going to get rid of it. Depending on how heavy the smoke smell is in the home, you will at the very least need to wash all fabrics, steam clean carpets and furniture and repaint. If you or someone else is a heavy smoker, you may need professional help in getting the smell out.


If you have pets, they too can be smelly. Small pets like mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters or guinea pigs can be smelly if their cages aren’t kept clean. Best bet is to find someone who can take them for you while the house is on the market (same with lizards, snakes, etc.) If you have dogs, make sure your carpets don’t have old accident stains which can also be smelly. They also shed, so bathe the dog, vacuum, mop and dust often. Find someone to take them when showings are scheduled or at the very least crate them. If you have cats, keep the litter box clean and scooped and remove it during showings. If your cat is shy and will hide when people come over, you can leave them in the home, if not, take them with you.

Food and cooking smells can be bad too

Try to avoid cooking. Keep kitchen linens clean and fresh. Don’t cook fish until the house is sold! Also nothing too onion or garlicky.

If your bath has a moldy or mildewy smell clean and get rid of the mold and mildew.

Not sure if your home smells? Ask a friend to come over and give you an honest assessment.