DIY Home Rentals

Do it yourself home rentals can be an okay short term rental solution but for good, long term rentals, you want a good tenant who will pay on time and maintain your property, so DIY may not be the best idea.

DIY Home RentalsRenting your home can be a great way to make extra income, but it is a huge undertaking. If you have a second home, or you’re thinking about keeping your current home and renting it so you can move onto your next one, having a rental property can be a great way to make extra income.

Whether you have short term vacation rental or long term, doing it yourself can make being a landlord a job instead of a joy. If you want to do short term yourself there are plenty of websites out there to help. Sites like Craigslist, or, among others, can help you list it and find tenants. The last two are sites are where people can put in specific criteria they are looking for and for the amount of time they need it for, and then match them up with a property.

Your next step is to find out if those tenants are qualified to rent your property. Background and financial checks are an integral part of making sure your property and your bank account is protected.

Next, cleaning and maintaining between tenants. If you have a short term vacation rental, who cleans between those vacationers? You know that the people vacationing aren’t going to clean it before they leave, but the next ones coming in will expect a clean home. Do you have time to run and clean between weekend or week long tenants? Can you stay on top of the maintenance?

Hiring a Realtor to take care of your rental is a much better idea. They will do all the background checks and have people available to maintain the property. For a long term rental or executive rental, a Realtor should be your “go to” person to get it rented for you.

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