Executive Property Management Tips | Don’t Let Unqualified Tenants Visit Your Home

If you have a rental property how can you make sure that you aren’t showing your rental property or home to unqualified tenants? If you put an ad out to rent your property all sorts of people will answer and not all will be able to rent your property. Are they financially able to rent? Do they have other, more sinister ideas in mind? Using an executive property management company will ensure that only those qualified visit your home.

Executive Property Management Tips | Don't Let Unqualified Tenants Visit Your HomeAnother thing to remember about showing your home or property is the safety factor. If you just place an ad to rent it, how do you know the person coming to look at it is who they say they are? How do you stay safe from predators and criminals? The fact is, unless you have a lot of time to do background checks that include a criminal history, you won’t know and you are taking your physical safety into your own hands. Is getting it rented worth the chance you could be hurt or killed? The background check that an executive property management company will do will include a criminal background check, for your safety and theirs.

An executive property management company will screen and background check potential tenants. Their job is to show your property as well as maintain it, and they don’t want to waste their time on unqualified potential tenants. In fact, most have a list of qualified people who are able and willing to rent. That means shorter listing periods and consistent rental income for you, and less of a chance of safety issues. Why chance it? Hire an executive property management company with experience and your welfare in mind. The time, effort and worry you save will well be worth the cost.


  1. I can see why you should do background checks on potential tenants. It’s scary to think that tenants might not be who they say they are. I think all property managers should make sure to do proper background checks.

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