Fort Collins Real Estate Investing – A Little Bit about this Great Town!

Fort Collins, Colorado is place with great history and culture. If you’re thinking about investing in real estate here, you can’t lose.

Fort Collins Real Estate Investing - A Little Bit about this Great Town!Fort Collins was originally a military outpost for the United States Army, replacing another encampment called Camp Collins which had been found on the Cache La Poudre River. Camp Collins was originally an outpost opened during the Indian wars of the mid-1860s. It was put there to protect the Overland mail route along the Overland Trail. A flood destroyed Camp Collins, so it was relocated to a site several miles farther down the river. Settlers came, and the fort was decommissioned by the Army in 1867, only 3 years after it was built.

The first school and church opened in 1866, and the town was laid out on paper in 1867. The 1880s saw the construction of a number of elegant homes and commercial buildings and the growth of a distinctive identity for Fort Collins. Industries included stone quarrying, sugar-beet farming, and the slaughter of sheep. The Agricultural College of Colorado was opened in 1870 and held its first classes in 1879. By the 1900’s the area was being referred to as the “lamb feeding capital of the world.” because of the use of beet tops to feed the local sheep populations.

Despite the Great Depression and simultaneous drought, the area still steadily grew and by 1950, the population had doubled and become prosperous once again. The Agricultural College eventually became Colorado State University and its enrollment doubled during the 1960s.

Much of the area’s culture is centered on the University. There is a local music circuit which is influenced by its college town atmosphere. There are also several well known microbreweries. There are a number of large festivals each year in the historic Downtown district, including the NewWestFest in late summer, which features local cuisine, music, and businesses. The Fort Collins Lincoln Center is home to the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra and regularly attracts national touring companies of Broadway plays, operas, ballets and other types of entertainment.

Investing in real estate in Fort Collins is a great idea, given the amount of things to do, educational opportunities available and diverse population.

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