Great Space Saving Tips For Your Home Office

Great Space Saving Tips For Your Home OfficeWhether you are selling your home but need to keep your small home office up and running or you just want some great ideas to turn a small space in the home you just purchased to make a home office, space saving is very important.

Being able to close up and hide your workspace at the end of the work day is important as well. So here are some great space saving ideas for your office.

Start out with small furniture

Sounds like a no brainer, but if it’s a small space, large furniture won’t work. Choose a small desk, or build a small one in the space you have.

If you’re planning on making a small nook or closet into an “office” extending a shelf to make a desktop is a smart idea. Have the table top fold up or down, like a secretary, to hide your desk items out of sight. Do the same with the remaining shelves so your private papers are out of sight as well.

The key is to be able to close everything up and use the rest of the room for its usual purpose.

Closet office

If you use a closet, use the inside of the door to hang a shower organizer to hold things like pens, pencils, staplers, etc. to save desk space. Attach cork rounds that are used under plants to the inside of the door to use as a corkboard. Paint the inside walls with chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint to use the space for messages and notes, saving paper and clutter.

Use binder clips to hold and corral all your cables and charging cords. Slip the cord through the larger end of the wire “handle” and move it to the smaller round end. Then clip the binder clip to the edge of the desk. Hang magnetic strips on the wall or inside of the door to hold things like letter openers, scissors and paper clips. When you’re done at the end of the day, simply close the door!
Your prospective buyers will appreciate the use of the space and you, the seller will appreciate the fact that your room doesn’t look cluttered, small and without its proper purpose!

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