Holiday Rentals – Should You List Your Home for Rent During the Holidays?

As fall approaches, the question comes up, should you list your home for rent during the holidays? In a word, yes. There are a few reasons why this is a good idea.

Holiday Rentals - Should You List Your Home for Rent During the Holidays?First, if your home is in an area where people go to get away for the holidays then by all means you need to list it. In fact, list it now so that you have the listing in place for the holidays. Waiting too long may mean you don’t get any prospects or rentals for the holidays. Not what you want!

If it’s a rental property for more than a weekend or week rental over the holidays, then you should still list, given that buyers are always looking for properties online. The traditional thought process was that the holidays were too hectic for looking for rentals. Now with smart phones, tablets and computers, you can look for a property and narrow down choices well before physically taking the time to look at them. Even during the hectic holidays a short list is something they will take the time to do. Plus, with the home all decorated for the holidays, it’s looking its best.

The other reason you should list is because most other people won’t. That means that the inventory of rentals will be lighter. That means less competition for tenants. People are still looking, and needing rentals to live in, so not having it available means you won’t find them.

The traditional thought that rentals shouldn’t be listed during the holidays is a fallacy. Tenants are out there looking, and you want to be the one who has the perfect rental for them. So don’t fall for it, list it.

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