Home Seller Tips – Picking Your Neighbors

Home seller tips for picking your neighbors- what a fun idea! It can really help your community grow and be great for everyone who lives there. So, are you selling your home in a great community? Help your neighbors with picking their new neighbors! Here are some great tips to help them do just that.

Home Seller Tips - Picking Your NeighborsIf you’ve lived in your community for a long time, you know how important it is to have good neighbors. So now that you’re moving from it, show your friends and neighbors that you care enough to be sure that their next new neighbor will be a good fit. How? By helping to promote your community, and by getting your friends and neighbors to help promote your listing to people they know.

Truthfully, any Realtor will tell you that some of their best home selling tips for selling homes are all about networking and getting the word out about great listings. Getting your neighbors in on the act of picking your neighbors makes sense. They have a vested interest in who buys your home. They will have to live next door to or across the street from them for years. If you’ve ever had a really bad neighbor, you know how stressful it is for everyone around them. So, by networking with the others neighbors on the block, having them do things like send or give postcards about your property to people they know are looking, or placing flyers on doors of others in the neighborhood can be a great way to get the word out.

Another of any Realtors great home seller tips involves promoting your community. You and your neighbors talking up all the great features of your community such as the schools, shopping and recreation areas will definitely help bring in good prospects for your home.

Think about it this way, with all that chatter about your listing, finding a great buyer will happen in no time.

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