Home Selling Tips – Staging the Outside of Your Home for the Holidays

Some great home selling tips for staging the outside of your home for the holidays include decluttering and cleaning. You should also consider some decorations outside. Staging your home for sale at the holidays isn’t optional. Staging the outside of your home for the holidays isn’t either. Choosing to sell your home during the holidays is a great decision, and here are some tips to do it right.

Home Selling Tips - Staging the Outside of Your Home for the HolidaysAs with the inside of your home, make the outside of your home clean and uncluttered. Pack away your summer entertaining items, bicycles, sports equipment and store them offsite. Clutter outside makes yards look smaller and the house in general look unkempt. It is an instant turn off to buyers and they may not even come inside to look if the outside looks bad.

Clean your deck or porch. Make it sparkle. If it isn’t too cold, power wash the outside of your home, deck, porch, garage, front walk. Fix any broken boards, rungs, steps, balusters or anything else on the house and surrounding fixtures. Paint anything that needs it. Prune back shrubs especially if they block a window. Weed and neaten gardens. If you haven’t raked up your leaves from the fall, do it. Get rid of planters that are broken. If you’re in a warmer climate, spruce up gardens with new plants. If it’s a colder one, mulch to make bare planting beds look better.

Then decorate. Don’t go nuts with lights and yard “ornaments.” No blow up Santas, snow globes or any other gaudy yard decorations. Think tasteful. Maybe lights on the shrubs, a wreath on the door. Take the old sled and dress it up with some greens and set it by the door. Not overdone, but festive. Now your home is ready for the holidays outside, but it won’t make you look like the neighborhood Christmas nut.

These home selling tips about staging the outside of your home are essential to making the sale during the holidays. You need to stage the outside of your home for the holidays. First impressions mean they actually come inside to look. Invite them to look and then own your home.

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