Home Selling Tips – Staging Your Home for the Holidays

Home selling tips include staging your home. If you choose to sell your home during the holidays, and that can be a really good decision, staging it only takes a few more steps. Here are some tips.

Home Selling Tips - Staging Your Home for the HolidaysFirst, as always, clean! Normal staging means cleaning and decluttering. Just because you may be adding decorations, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be decluttering. In fact, it will help. Pack away the items where your decorations will go. So take it all down, and then do a good, intense deep cleaning of every area of your home. It should sparkle. Clean under furniture, in closets, behind doors, steam clean carpets, wax and buff hard woods and make every surface gleam. This is half of staging your home already!

Next, fix things. The cleaning will show you areas that need attention. Nail holes that need filling, fixtures that just won’t come clean. Walls that need a fresh coat of paint, doors that need replacing or fixing cabinets that may not close properly. Look at repainting this way: first, buyers can better picture their items in a neutral setting; second, your holiday decorations will pop and appear more colorful against a neutral setting.

Next, depersonalize the space. Your family photos may make the room for you, but they won’t for a buyer. Honestly, the buyer really doesn’t care how adorable your children look in that family photo. All they see is it’s YOUR space, not potentially theirs. Taking them down also means room for great holiday decorations.

Lastly, thin out the furniture to make the rooms look spacious. Make a huge space for your Christmas tree this way, and at the same time, make your room look huge. Space sells, clutter and small looking rooms don’t. Find fun holiday linens for the beds and baths.

NOW you can decorate for the holidays. Don’t go overboard! Remember the aim of staging is to make the space appear bigger and less cluttered, so don’t then clutter it up with a lot of decorations. Keep with the depersonalized idea and make decorations general. Staging your home for the holidays means your home should sparkle, and invite people to picture their holidays in it.

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