How Many Properties Do You Have To Own Before Hiring A Denver Property Manager

You have bought an investment property and are wondering how many more you should have before approaching a Denver property manager to assist you with all of your real estate management needs. Well, start now! One property isn’t too few. It’s the best time to put the systems and support in place before you add more properties to your burgeoning empire!

How Many Properties Do You Have To Own Before Hiring A Denver Property ManagerA Denver property management company will provide the support and systems you need to successfully own and manage your rental properties. Property managers, whether commercial or residential, do some similar things to help.

Their duties include collecting rental payments from your tenant or tenants. This is an important part of what they do because you are in it to collect money!

A property manager also maintains the property for you. Instead of you running to the property every time a filter needs changing or something breaks, the property management company does that for you. They also provide preventative maintenance to keep broken things to a minimum.

But what about when your current tenant leaves? Well, the property management company will clean and repair the property, then find you new tenants. They will run background checks, interview potential tenants and find the one that is the best fit for you and your property. They will keep the best there for you.

If the unfortunate situation does occur and you need to evict a tenant, the property management company will handle all the notices, the paperwork with the local courts, assist with the eviction process, monitor the property throughout so that an angry, vindictive tenant doesn’t trash your real estate, and get the property ready to re-rent.

And yes, they will do this for one property or more. Put those systems in place to protect your investment now and investments later.

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