How To Get Your House Ready To Sell | Home Seller Tips

You’ve decided to sell your home. Great, but before you even call a Realtor take some time to get your house ready. There is plenty to do so the sooner the better.

First, declutter your house

You want the rooms in your home to look as large as you can, so removing anything that isn’t absolutely necessary will help to declutter. Remove things like books, décor items, toys, DVD’s and so on. That includes personal items like photos, religious items and knick knacks How To Get Your House Ready To Sell | Home Seller Tipstoo. Along those lines, remove extra pieces of furniture that you really don’t need, and clean out closets. Anything you remove, pack up and put it in storage. You have to move it anyway, right?

Next, clean!

Clean windows, inside and outside, the tracks and window coverings. Clean windows let in a lot of natural light which is a huge selling feature. Clean and touch up walls and baseboards. Vacuum vents to remove built up dust. Clean grimy fingerprints around door knobs and switch plates. Deep clean your kitchen and baths. Make sure all exterior surfaces like counter tops, sinks and cupboards and drawer fronts are clean. In the kitchen, clean appliance fronts and sides and the exhaust filter above the stove. In the bath, get a set of “home showing” towels and bath mats/rugs. Don’t forget to clean carpets too! A clean home will sell!

Air out rooms

Cleaning will help deodorize the space. Help it along by opening windows to air out rooms. Use reed diffusers with clean scented oils, or a nebulizer with some essential oils. Good choices could be vanilla or a mix of bergamot, ylang ylang and neroli. Keep in mind that essential oils are strong so a little goes a very long way. An easy thing to do is put a small pot of water on low on the back of the stove and add some cinnamon to it when you are showing your home.

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