How To Organize Your Home To Sell

You’re selling your home and you know that it is as up to date as it needs to be. Your kitchen and baths are exactly what people are looking for and the rest of your home is spacious and open. But is it show ready? Could it use some organization? Time to organize your home to sell.

What do you need to do first?

How To Organize Your Home To SellFirst, declutter and remove most of your personal items from the home. Don’t sanitize it, but don’t make it look so homey that buyers can’t see themselves in it. Take down things like family photos and put artwork or things like landscape photos in their place. Pack up the rest to get ready to move. Oh and your kids’ school artwork doesn’t count!

Next, thin out your furniture

Make your spacious home feel even more spacious by removing furniture that takes up a lot of it. Don’t make buyers walk around your furniture. Rearrange the furniture so that each room has a purpose and a focal point. Make the most of that fireplace. Make each room look like what it is supposed to be. Toys go away or to an extra room set up for a playroom. Make that spare room without the closet into an office.

Kitchen and bathroom

Your fabulous kitchen and bathroom needs to be uncluttered and tidy. Baths should have all toiletries stashed away. If they are all out on the counter it makes buyers think there isn’t enough storage space. In the kitchen stow small appliances so the counters are clear for the same reason.

Don’t forget about the exterior of your home

Put away gardening items in the shed or garage (which also should be organized). Set up your patio or deck to show how awesome your outdoor entertaining space is. Make sure outdoor furniture is in good shape with new or new looking cushions. Clean up the decking and grill so they sparkle. When you know people are coming to see your home, set up place settings on the table. If it’s spring or summer set out some iced tea or lemonade and glasses for them to enjoy.

Make your great home look that way before trying to sell!

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