How To Prepare For Your Move

You sold your house and it’s time to move. If you’ve never moved before or even done it a hundred times, moving is a total pain. Being prepared for the move will make it easier.

Your best bet is to have a plan

How To Prepare For Your MoveBefore you pack a single box, sit and plan it out. Whether you move yourself or have professionals move you, a plan is key.

The plan shouldn’t just be what to pack in what boxes, but include a timeline and schedule. Figure out what has to be done and by when. That way you don’t get bogged down on little things and miss deadlines for the big ones.

Next, know your budget

Moving supplies aren’t free. Neither are rental trucks. Professional movers definitely are not! Knowing how much money you have to spend will determine how you move. It might mean finding creative ways to save money in your move. If you can’t afford a moving company or rental truck, ask friends or family to pitch in. Can’t afford to buy boxes? Ask businesses if you can have their used shipping boxes or boxes from cases of copier paper. There is always a solution.

Organization is the key

Make lists. Know what you need in your new home and what you don’t. That will help you clean out clutter. Don’t pack and move things you don’t want or need. Time to have a yard sale or find the local donation center for those things you don’t need or want.

Keep to your plan, but be flexible. Buying and selling can easily throw a wrench into the best laid plans. Be able to go with the flow and have a few back up plans in place. Keep some options available. Things like back up truck rental or moving company, places to store your things if there is an unexpected gap in your timeline.


Lastly, execute your plan and get packed. Plans are great, so be sure to stick to them and get the move going. The move!

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