How To Succeed Using Hands Free Real Estate Investing

You like the idea of real estate investing, but don’t have the time it takes to be hands on with the business. So would you get involved in real estate investing if you could do it hands free?

It is possible!

Collective buying power

How To Succeed Using Hands Free Real Estate InvestingCompanies like the Maverick Investor Group make the idea of helping others make money in real estate possible. They do this by leveraging what is known as “collective buying power.”

Turn key properties

How? By coordinating multiple people to buy properties from the same seller/developer. By doing that, they would be able to negotiate better prices and terms than a single investor could get on their own. What’s better is that what Maverick offers isn’t a “flip” scheme where you buy a property and have to fix and update it, but investments in turn key properties.

That means that your money can go farther

This is because you aren’t spending the money you have or wasting weeks or months on rehabbing a property before you can rent it out. What can you spend it on instead? Multiple units or properties that are all ready to become rental properties now, not weeks or months from now. That means more income faster.

Makes sense, right? Throw in a property management company to manage the day to day aspects of being a landlord and you will truly be hands free in your real estate investing.

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