Is Your Denver Property Manager on Social Media?

Everyone seems to be on social media these days, individuals and businesses alike. Property managers are no different, and can derive many benefits from it, such as promoting rental properties, attracting and retaining tenants, and increasing overall tenant satisfaction. Being easy to find gives you transparency and name recognition. Here are some ways to use social media to join in on this win win marketing plan!

Is Your Denver Property Manager on Social Media?First, use a mix of social media platforms. Including popular sites like Facebook and Twitter are a must, but don’t forget up and comers Pinterest and Google+. Also keep a blog site. There are many, but two easy sites to use are WordPress or Blogspot. All of these sites should be interlinked. Twitter can be set so that your tweets also show up on your Facebook timeline. When you post a blog, link it to your other sites. Also, be sure to put up interesting facts and fun things to keep people coming back to your profiles. Don’t mix personal and business, and for goodness sake, no religion or politics! You want to attract people, not tick them off.

Encourage residents to interact with your social media. Make them the “go to” place for whatever they need. Use it to post important information that tenants need, the place they get the quickest response. One strategy could be promoting attractions close to their managed properties using discount coupons and giveaways available on their social media websites.

Be sure to keep content updated and current and relevant to your tenants. For example, blogging about local events, and link the blog to your Facebook and Twitter. Your social media marketing campaign should be to give a more personable feel to your property management business.

Social media isn’t just for individuals or retail, your property management company can reap the rewards too!

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