Keep Up With Little Repairs and Save Money Down the Line – Denver Property Manager Tips

You know all of those annoying little “honey do” items you’ve been putting off? Well, if you don’t get to them, they could become big, expensive repairs. Doing them now while they are small and inexpensive will save you a bunch of money in the long run. Let’s look at a few.

Dripping pipe

You know that pipe in the basement that has a drip? No matter what the pipes are made from, copper, pvc or other, a drip means Keep Up With Little Repairs and Save Money Down the Line a leak in the pipe or the pipe fittings. A small drop here or there may not seem like much, but what happens if that drip suddenly becomes a deluge when the pipe bursts, the leak gets bigger or the fitting fails? Instead of just replacing a pipe or a fitting, now you’re replacing a pipe or fitting, the flooring, furniture, drywall and anything else damaged by the ensuing flood. A few bucks at the hardware store for pipe and/or fittings doesn;’t seem like a lot now, does it?

That light switch that only works sometimes?

It may be nothing, or it could be a loose wire. Calling an electrician is so expensive… so is rebuilding your home when it burns to the ground after an electrical fire! Even if it’s just one room that catches fire, again it’s drywall, flooring, furnishings and so on. Not to mention the cost of the cleaning company to clean the smoke and water damage from the rest of the house. And what if that electrical short causes a fire in the middle of the night? Can all of your sleeping family and pets get out safely or alive? This is NOT something you want to cheap out on. Get it fixed, now. For your family‚Äôs safety as well as your bank account.

Think about the consequences

Those are two examples, but if you look at many of the small fixes you have and think about the consequences of not fixing them now, you will find that waiting will get expensive. So do them now while they are small and save some money… and some lives!

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