Kid Safety Tips For Real Estate Investors – Keeping Your Renters Safe

Real estate investors in Denver, Boulder and worldwide have a vested interest in keeping their tenants safe and secure in the homes they rent! Kid safety tips are something everyone that rents to families should think about if you want to be a responsible landlord.

Kid Safety Tips For Real Estate Investors - Keeping Your Renters SafeOne thing that, as a landlord, you may not think about is who else will be living in the property you rent. That lovely couple that rents your cute 3 bedroom home may decide that it’s time to start a family. So what about the kids that could be in the home you are leasing? Here are some safety tips to keep your renter’s children safe.

Look around at your property, whether a single family home or multi unit property, with the eyes of a parent, and take note. There are things that will cause harm to children that you need to fix or make a more minimal risk. This isn’t just to be a kind and magnanimous landlord, it’s also to keep your liability risk at a minimum.

Here are a few kid safety tips for real estate investors:

Does the property have a pool or hot tub? Drowning accidents are one of the leading causes of death for small children. The pool should have a fence. If you have a multi unit complex, consider hiring a lifeguard and put a lock on the fence for hours it is not guarded. If there is a hot tub, make sure the cover has a lock as well.

Put warning signs in the parking area of multi unit properties that have children present. Small children often cannot be seen by drivers, so precautionary signs may make them slow down enough to notice a child. Having a “speed bump” might also be a good idea as it would slow drivers down entering and exiting the parking area.

If you have a play ground or play ground equipment, be sure it is heat resistant to avoid severe burns and has the proper landing areas for children with softer garden mulch or rubber mulch made from tire retreads.

Outside, be sure that fencing and decks are strong enough and have no holes. Be sure that any stairs have good strong hand rails. Also check for landscaping hazards, including items that could potentially be poisonous to children.

Inside, check wiring so it is safe and unexposed, and as a regular habit, put safety covers on outlets, cabinet locks on lower cabinets. Shorten cords on any window treatments and provide fire safety equipment in case of a fire.

Ultimately, parents are responsible for the safety of their children, but as their landlord, taking steps to help them out is not only the right thing to do, but will keep you from paying out in case of a tragedy.

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