MLS Listing Photos – Top Mistakes Realtors Make

Oh my… not another bad MLS photo! MLS listing photos can have an effect on whether your home sells. Having good MLS photos means people will come see your home. Having bad ones means people will LAUGH at your home, or you. Taking good photos isn’t easy, but if you can’t do it, find someone who can. Please, for goodness sake, don’t make the following mistakes in MLS photos.

MLS Listing Photos - Top Mistakes Realtors MakeMake sure the lighting is adequate. If you take one and the outside light coming in doors and windows makes the picture look dark, either change the camera settings and try again, or turn on the inside lights to balance it out. If the photos come out blurry, take them again. People need to see the details in the room, blurry is annoying and will make people wonder what may be wrong in the room. Having good photos on your MLS listing will make a big difference.

No selfies! Don’t take pictures using mirrors. You don’t need to be in the picture, especially since the focus of the picture is your listing. Along the same lines, mirrors often reflect and multiply flash photography. No pets or kids in the picture. Yes, you may have them, but pets especially, can be a turn off to prospective buyers. They see pets and think “smell.”

Take photos of the room, not the furniture in it. Also, stage the room before taking pictures. Don’t leave garbage cans out, especially full ones. Put toilet lids down, toothbrushes and toothpaste, make up, soap, razors, etc. away. Look around the room and or yard for things that look out of place: signs, yard equipment, or anything that makes the home look cluttered. Make sure you have good MLS photos.

Don’t take a picture of an empty room. If you have to; borrow some furniture to put in the room to give some perspective.

Don’t forget to take pictures of more nebulous features like the neighborhood and gorgeous views from the property. Keep out things that you see out the windows when taking pictures too. No one wants to see a car parked in the driveway or the neighbor’s brick wall! This is a frequent mistake Realtors make when taking MLS listing photos.

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