Moving To Denver? The Top Five Interesting Places To Live

If you are moving to Denver you might not know about some of the neat little towns that are commuting distance to Denver proper. These are

Erie Colorado : Real Estate and More!

Erie, CO is an interesting little area 28 miles northwest of Denver proper. It is a residential community that has a great vision for its residents and businesses. They have a dynamic community center and Moving To Denver? The Top Five Interesting Places To Livelibrary. Much of the charm of Erie comes from its active outdoor lifestyle. There are many parks, trails and open spaces available to keep you moving!

Golden Colorado : A Historical Gem

Golden is probably the most well known of all the little towns we are talking about today. It is located 18 miles due West of Denver. It has a rich heritage stemming back to the “gold rush” of the 1850s. Sitting nestled right against the Rocky Mountains, it is a great little town to call home!

Lafayette Colorado : A Fun Little Town

Lafayette is an “artsy” town that prides itself on showcasing culture and art. Lafayette is located 22 miles North and slightly West of Denver (well within commuting distance). Quieter than either Louisville or Golden, Layfayette is a sweet, old world town with historic charm.

Louisville Colorado : A Great Place To Live

Louisville is maybe one of the neatest towns around. Located 31 minutes North West of Denver, Louisville has a straight shot into town via Route 36. It is a charming village of old, historic homes and contemporary restaurants and stores. Louisville’s vibrant downtown area is a major draw for both young and old alike!

Arvada Colorado : Old World Charm With Benefits

Arvada is another neat town with an amazing downtown area. Just 11 miles North West of Denver, Arvada is a great residential area to live! It has all the modern conveniences, great access for commuting into Denver and charming “Olde Town” houses.

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